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To find out more about our exclusive offers on the A-Class offers see below. Please noteare always in high demand and we expect a high response rate, so we recommend you contact us sooner rather than later.

A-Class Finance Example:

A-Class A180 Sport Edition Manual Personal Agility (Personal Contract Plan)
Based on 5,000 miles per annum
Monthly Payments of ¹ £288.53
Customer Deposit £999.00
On the Road Price £20,599.00
Retailer Deposit Contribution £0.00
Optional Purchase Payment ² £9,125.00
Amount of Credit £19,600.00
Duration of Agreement 48 months
Total Amount Payable ³ £23,983.44
Purchase Activation Fee ² £10.00
Representative APR 5.90%
Fixed Interest Rate 5.75%
Excess Mileage Charge incl. VAT 8p per mile

Finance example & savings on specific models:

A180 Sport Edition Plus

A180d Sport Premium Auto

A200d AMG Line Auto Premium

Offer: £20,599

Offer: £22,299

Offer: £24,899

New: £25,420

New: £28,095

New: £30,465

Saving vs New: £4,821

Saving vs New: £5,796

Saving vs New: £5,566

Reg NoModelGearboxPrice NewOffer Price Saving Against New
HY18CPN A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,684.99 £25,392.44 £5,292.56
HY18CPZ A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,984.99 £25,620.87 £5,364.12
HY18CRV A200 d AMG Line Auto £31,179.99 £25,824.38 £5,355.62
HY18CRZ A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,284.99 £26,773.58 £5,511.41
HY18CSV A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,284.99 £27,013.58 £5,271.41
HY18CSX A200 d AMG Line Auto £33,114.99 £27,486.54 £5,628.45
HY18CTE A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,289.99 £27,017.87 £5,272.12
HY18CTF A200 d AMG Line Auto £31,839.99 £27,591.32 £4,248.68
HY18CTK A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,285.00 £25,129.05 £5,155.95
HY18CTU A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,434.99 £26,902.42 £5,532.57
HY18CTV A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,000.00 £24,810.76 £5,189.24
HY18CTX A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,284.99 £27,013.58 £5,271.41
HY18CTZ A200 d AMG Line Auto £33,329.98 £27,671.21 £5,658.77
HY18CUA A200 d AMG Line Auto £31,134.99 £25,785.72 £5,349.27
HY18EYF A200 d Sport Auto £29,094.99 £23,789.62 £5,305.37
HY18EYM A200 d AMG Line Auto £31,545.00 £25,894.17 £5,650.83
HY18EYR A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,284.99 £26,529.82 £5,755.17
HY18EYT A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,619.99 £25,099.59 £5,520.40
HY18EYU A200 d AMG Line Auto £32,284.99 £26,529.82 £5,755.17
HY18EYV A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,984.99 £25,413.14 £5,571.86
HY18EYX A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,390.00 £24,902.02 £5,487.98
HY18EZA A200 d AMG Line Auto £29,985.00 £24,554.13 £5,430.87
HY18EZC A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,390.00 £24,902.02 £5,487.98
HY18EZF A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,390.00 £24,902.02 £5,487.98
HY18EZK A200 d AMG Line Auto £30,984.99 £25,413.14 £5,571.86

Reg No​Model​Transmission​Price New​Offer Price​Saving Against New
HY18EZLA180 d SportMan£26,420.00£21,421.80£4,998.20
HY18EZMA180 d SportAuto£28,875.00£23,600.63£5,274.36
HY18EZNA180 d SportAuto£27,575.00£22,483.95£5,091.05
HY18EZPA180 d SportAuto£28,170.00£22,995.04£5,174.96
HY18EZRA180 d SportAuto£28,170.00£22,995.04£5,174.96
HY18EZUA180 d SportAuto£27,425.00£22,355.09£5,069.91
HY18EZVA180 d AMG LineAuto£27,619.99£22,522.59£5,097.40
HY18FAJA180 d AMG LineAuto£27,619.99£22,522.59£5,097.40
HY18FBDA200 Sport EditionAuto£27,875.00£22,741.65£5,133.35
HY18FBEA250 AMGAuto£34,494.99£28,482.22£6,012.77
HY18FBJA250 AMG 4MATICAuto£36,540.00£30,184.86£6,355.13
HY18HZSA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,284.99£26,742.10£5,542.89
HY18HZTA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,684.99£25,367.72£5,317.28
HY18HZUA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,390.00£25,114.30£5,275.70
HY18HZVA200 d AMG LineAuto£31,689.99£26,231.01£5,458.98
HY18HZWA200 d Sport EditionMan£27,495.00£22,651.49£4,843.50
HY18MXTA200 d Sport EditionMan£27,495.00£22,151.93£5,343.06
HY18MXUA180 AMG LineMan£26,640.00£21,963.50£4,676.50
HY18MXVA200 AMG LineAuto£28,664.98£23,653.17£5,011.82
HY18MXWA200 AMG LineAuto£28,664.98£23,653.17£5,011.82
HY18MXXA200 AMG LineAuto£29,764.99£24,598.07£5,166.92
HY18MXZA200 AMG LineAuto£30,359.98£24,613.01£5,746.97
HY18MYBA200 White ArtAuto£31,360.00£25,472.06£5,887.95
HY18MYDA200 Sport EditionMan£26,275.00£21,104.03£5,170.97
HY18MYFA200 Sport EditionAuto£27,875.00£22,478.43£5,396.57
HY18MYGA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,285.00£24,548.61£5,736.39
HY18MYHA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,284.99£26,266.60£6,018.39
HY18MYJA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,139.99£26,142.06£5,997.93
HY18MYLA200 AMG LineAuto£28,069.99£22,645.92£5,424.06
HY18MYMA200 AMG LineAuto£29,659.99£24,011.73£5,648.26
PE18VEXA200 d AMG LineAuto£29,865.00£24,600.63£5,264.37
PE18YBXA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,284.99£26,679.40£5,605.59
PE18YBYA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,284.99£29,079.40£3,205.59
PK18AWJA200 d AMG LineAuto£31,689.99£26,060.31£5,629.68
PK18AWMA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,139.99£26,446.85£5,693.14
PK18AWNA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,139.99£26,446.85£5,693.14
PK18AWOA200 d AMG LineAuto£31,545.00£25,935.75£5,609.25
PK18AWPA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,139.99£26,446.85£5,693.14
PK18AWRA200 d AMG LineMan£30,015.00£24,621.47£5,393.52
PK18AWUA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,984.99£25,454.72£5,530.28
PK18AWVA200 AMG LineAuto£28,664.98£23,461.82£5,203.17
PK18ELCA200 White ArtAuto£30,960.00£25,848.64£5,111.36
PK18ELJA180 d SportAuto£26,325.00£21,451.77£4,873.23
PK18GXEA200 d Sport EditionMan£27,495.00£22,151.99£5,343.00
PK18GXFA200 d Sport EditionMan£27,495.00£22,151.99£5,343.00
PK18GXGA200 d Sport EditionMan£27,495.00£22,151.99£5,343.00
PK18GXHA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,390.00£24,638.80£5,751.20
PK18GXJA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,984.99£25,149.92£5,835.08
PK18GXLA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,390.00£24,638.80£5,751.20
PK18GXMA200 d AMG LineAuto£31,179.99£25,317.41£5,862.58
PK18GXNA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,984.99£25,366.61£5,618.38
PK18GXOA200 d AMG LineAuto£32,284.99£26,266.60£6,018.39
PK18NXCA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,390.00£24,943.60£5,446.40
PK18NXDA200 d Sport EditionMan£27,495.00£22,456.79£5,038.20
PK18NXEA180 d SportAuto£28,020.00£22,907.78£5,112.22
PK18NYZA180 d SportAuto£28,020.00£22,322.78£5,697.22
PK18NZAA180 d SportAuto£28,020.00£22,322.78£5,697.22
PK18NZBA180 d SportAuto£28,020.00£22,322.78£5,697.22
PK18NZCA180 d AMG LineAuto£29,209.99£23,278.98£5,931.00
PK18NZDA180 d Sport EditionMan£24,130.00£22,412.54£1,717.47
PK18NZEA160 AMG LineMan£26,520.00£21,619.28£4,900.72
PK18NZFA180 AMG LineAuto£27,645.00£22,585.65£5,059.35
PK18NZGA180 Sport EditionMan£25,344.99£20,609.96£4,735.04
PK18NZHA200 AMG LineAuto£28,664.98£23,461.82£5,203.17
PK18NZJA200 AMG LineAuto£28,664.98£23,461.82£5,203.17
PK18NZMA200 AMG LineAuto£28,069.99£22,950.72£5,119.26
PO18PFJA200 d AMG LineAuto£30,390.00£25,051.60£5,338.40

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Fuel Consumption

Official government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the A-Class range: urban 30.7(9.2)-72.4(3.9), extra urban 50.4(5.6)-88.3(3.2), combined 40.9(6.9)-80.7(3.5). CO2 emissions 162-89 g/km.

The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle’s actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only.

Agility Agreement

**Marshall Motor Group is a credit broker and not a lender. Finance subject to status. Terms & conditions apply. You will not own the vehicle until all payments are made. Quotations available on request for alternative contract lengths and mileages. Finance offer based on a Mercedes-Benz Agility agreement. Vehicle condition, excess mileage and other charges may be payable. Guarantees may be required. Retail sales only. Offers subject to availability. Wile stocks last.