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Braking System Anti-Corrosion Adhesive

It’s well known that your brakes can rust and deteriorate over time. The callipers and wheel hubs that you see through your car’s alloy wheels can become corroded, allowing rust to form and taking the shine off your car’s appearance.

There are several reasons for brake corrosion, these include: the natural effects of rain and oxygen exposure; the salty de-icing sprays and grit used on Britain’s roads during periods of inclement weather; and the chemicals found in some aggressive cleaning products. This not only affects the visual look of your vehicle, but may also affect the long-term braking capacity of your car - which is a serious safety issue.

We can counteract the effects of this with a special adhesive treatment. This attacks any existing rust to stop it in its tracks, and forms a protective coat to protect the braking system against salt and grit, and the chemicals in cleaning products.

Of course, this is useful because it protects your braking system, but it also helps to give your braking components a ‘new’ look - which neatly sets off your alloy wheels.

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