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Engine Flush and Fuel Treatments

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It’s well-documented how vehicle exhaust emissions impact on pollution, and motor manufacturers are working hard to reduce the amount of CO2 their vehicles produce.

They can only do so much, though, and as your vehicle ages it will start to produce more emissions. This is because parts of the system become clogged, leading to inefficiency and build-up of carbon deposits.

Legislation now allows random testing on any vehicle at the roadside, and if yours is found to have excessive CO2 emission levels you could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice. Your vehicle will also be tested as part of the annual MOT, and the test is becoming increasingly stringent.

You can counteract the effects of time with our two-part Fuel System Service and Engine Oil Decontamination Service. The latter clears any sludge and contaminants from the engine's oil ways and sump before fresh engine oil is added. We then carry out a complete Fuel System Service, cleaning the whole fuel system to lower emissions, whilst removing harmful contamination and any built-up varnishes and deposits.

This service also contains an octane booster, which can improve engine performance and frequently reduces fuel consumption. This service is particular helpful shortly before your vehicle’s annual MOT test, coupled with a couple of long runs along the motorway to blast away the cobwebs.

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