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When you think about it, the tyres are the most important safety feature of your car. These four small patches of rubber are the only parts of the vehicle in touch with the road.

So having the right tyres, in good condition and correctly inflated, is extremely important. At Marshall Motor Group, we recommend you check your tyres regularly - not just when your MOT is due. Your tyres must have at least 1.6mm tread across the middle 3/4s, all the way around; you should think about changing your tyres if they have less than 3mm tread.

You can find information about the tyres your vehicle requires, and the recommended pressure (stated as ‘psi’), in your car’s ownership handbook. If you’ve lost yours, check online or contact your local Marshall Motor Group dealer and we’ll make a recommendation based on your requirements.

Order tyres online

Our customers can access tyres from many of the world’s biggest and most respected tyre brands, including Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop and Bridgestone. Our all-inclusive, fully fitted prices include balancing, valves, and disposal of your old tyres.

Click through to get a quote online; you just need to enter your tyre size and we will present a great selection of brands and tyres that meet your requirements.

Enter your postcode and we will let you know where your local dealerships are, and our helpful filters allow you to narrow your search by brand or type.

We fit tyres while-you-wait and all our dealerships have free Wi-Fi so you can get on with work.

Free tyre check

All of our dealerships nationwide offer a free tyre safety test.

We can perform tests that confirm whether or not your tyres’ tread is below legal or recommended RoSPA safe limits; damaged; showing signs of ageing; wearing abnormally; at the right pressure; and suitable for your vehicle.

Why use Marshall Tyre services?

• Tyres for all makes and model
• FREE tyre check
• FREE puncture repairs
• While you wait appointments

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Free Tyre Check

All of our dealerships nationwide offer a free tyre safety test.

We will check that your tyres are not below legal or recommended RoSPA safe limit, not damaged, showing signs of ageing, wearing abnormally and we ensure that the tyres fitted are suitable for your vehicle.

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Every Tyre check comes with:

• Tyre Condition Check
• Tyre Pressure Check
• Tyre Tread Depth Check
• Tyre Wear Check

• Tyre Suitability Check

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