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Seatbelt Service

The seatbelt is one of the most important safety features in your vehicle.

Vehicle seat belts are reliably proven to save thousands of lives every year, so it’s hard to understand why they haven’t always been compulsory equipment. And it’s equally hard to fathom why we take them for granted, rarely thinking about them as part of our maintenance.

While we hope you never have to find out just how well yours are working, it pays to be sure with a regular check. Not least because if any of your car’s seatbelts don’t retract, your vehicle will fail its annual MOT.

That’s because seatbelts can become lazy in their function over time. They can have laboured retraction thanks to a combination of static, dirt, dust build up and its coating wearing out, causing the belt to fray.

We offer a seatbelt service that will clean and lubricate both the mechanism and the belt itself. The service will improve the functionality of the belt, restoring the protective coating to reduce the risk of further fraying. It also leaves a pleasant perfume on the belt.

This service is a fraction of the cost of a single replacement seatbelt mechanism. It may be recommended by our trained technicians should they feel the retraction needs attention when conducting your MOT, a vehicle health check or other inspection at the workshop.

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