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Marshall Complaints Handling Policy

Updated: 22 March 2021

1. Purpose and Scope

Whilst we aim to achieve a high level of service this policy is designed to provide guidance on the way in which Marshall and its associated companies receive and manage complaints. We want to help you, our customer, to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.

This policy covers:

  • Our standards
  • How to complain
  • How to contact us

This policy only applies to complaints about your vehicle purchase. If you have a complaint about finance and/or insurance, please refer to and follow our
Finance and Insurance Complaints Procedure

2. What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction whether justified or not. Sometimes a problem can be resolved quickly, simply by speaking to a member of our staff or a manager in the relevant department. However, if the member of staff considering the matter believes that a more substantive review will be required in order to respond to the issues raised, your complaint will be considered under the formal complaint procedure.

3. Our Standards

  • We treat all complaints seriously, whatever format they are received in.
  • You will be treated with courtesy at all times
  • We will deal with your complaint promptly.
  • We will keep you updated and let you know when we expect to be able to reply in full.
  • Complaints received are logged and analysed for business improvement.

4. How to complain

Complaints can be made and received in a variety of ways; by phone, email or letter, but where possible complaints should be made in writing, so that the details of the complaint are clear and complete.

5. What information is required when making a complaint?

Please provide the following:

  • Your name, and contact details
  • Which dealership (and department) you dealt with
  • Vehicle registration, make and model, if applicable
  • Nature of the complaint
  • Dates and times, where known
  • Copies of any supporting documentation, if available.

6. How to contact us?

Customer Services
Marshall Motor Group
699 Newmarket Road

Tel: 01223 377342