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FordPass Pro

​Whether you work with one business vehicle or manage up to five, FordPass Pro gives you the tools you need to help keep them healthy, secure, and running smoothly.

The Business App Connected Vehicles

Designed for commercial vehicles with a FordPass Connect modem, the FordPass Pro app enables you to activate your modem and access a range of useful features. We’re making sure we equip more and more of our new commercial vehicles with full connectivity. Check with your preferred Marshall Ford Dealer to see if your current Ford is compatible.


FordPass Pro gives you the added reassurance that your business vehicles are always safe, secure and easy to keep track of.

Keep guard

A heightened state of security on top of your vehicle’s alarm system. Guard Mode will notify you if it detects someone trying to access your vehicle with a stolen or mimicked key.​

Check the locks

For added peace-of-mind, Live Lock status lets you check all vehicle doors are locked at a glance. You can even access your Command Centre in the app to lock or unlock doors remotely.​

Keep track of your vehicles

Are your vehicles all where they should be? With FordPass Pro you’ll know. Keep an eye on your business vehicles, with their last recorded location all on one map.

Manage access

Remote Zonal Locking lets you control the cabin and load doors separately. So you can allow someone access to the cabin while keeping your load compartment secure.


A host of smart FordPass Pro tools and productivity features, helping you to get the most from your business vehicles.

Manage remotely

Check if a vehicle is secure, then lock or unlock it from the app. You can even start automatic vehicles remotely, helping to make sure it is de-iced and ready to work when you are.​

Stay online

Run your business straight from your van. The FordPass Connect modem turns your vehicle cabin into your office on the road, with a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to connect up to 10 devices in and around your vehicle.

Log your journeys

Need to use your van at the weekend? My Journeys† lets you log your trips, file them under Business or Personal, and then export the data from each of your vehicle.​

Keep track of fuel costs

Check your driving efficiency against monthly average fuel usage. A monthly Fuel Report† helps you to keep track of your estimated fuel costs to plan expenses for the month ahead for each of your vehicles.

Don't get held up

Live Traffic‡ sends up-to-date traffic information via the FordPass Connect modem to your vehicle's navigation. Helping you get to work on time by always finding the best possible route.

Vehicle Health

FordPass Pro makes it easy to keep on top of maintenance, with easy access to key vehicle health information helping you to reduce vehicle downtime.

Receive alerts

AdBlue, fuel and washer fluid levels, brake discs, tyre pressures, oil life... Health Alerts bring any key issues to your attention with an early notification sent to your FordPass Pro app.​

Check health at a glance

All key vehicle health information is shown in one place. Use the My Garage section of the app to switch between each of your vehicles to stay on the of their health.

Get help

Let Roadside Assistance services know you need help. You can share your precise location, send your vehicle's health status, and even track the recovery vehicle's progress for an estimated time of arrival.​

Add up to 5

You can link up to 5 modem connected vehicles to FordPass Pro, and easily access and switch between each of them using the My Garage section of the app.​​

Always here to help

Ask your Ford Dealer about activating your FordPass Connect modem when you collect your new vehicle. Or watch our how-to film on how to do this yourself.

FordPass Pro is available on the below models:

Download the app

FordPass Pro is a one-stop mobility app designed to help you move through your day the way you already do - only smarter, better and easier than ever before.

Have a question on FordPass Pro? Please contact us for any help or questions.

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