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New Honda e Introducing the New Honda e Starting From


Available at Marshall Honda Blackburn, Harrogate, Hull, Leicester, Peterborough, Reading and York.

Honda's first all-electric urban car

The Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and futuristic technology.


The Honda e is engineered to deliver an exceptional, all-electric driving experience.

Developing the idea 

Our cities are changing: why aren’t our cars?

Our cities are living, breathing, day by day. They grow and develop, as they shape around the people in them. Now it’s time for the car to evolve and play its part in the shifting cityscapes.

Honda believes that the best way to do this is to develop a fully electric car that reflects progressive values.


Electric technology

The advanced electric drivetrain employs proven Honda electrification technologies with fast-charge capability to meet the demands of everyday commuting.

Driving Experience

The Honda e combines emission-free driving with exciting performance. Sporty, powerful and extremely agile, the Honda e is made for the city.

Fast charging

The high-capacity 35.5 kWh battery adds 80% of charge in just 31 minutes of rapid charging*.

*Charge times are measured from low battery warning indicator to 80% on a 50 kW charger.

Range and speed

The Honda e enjoys a max range capacity of up to 137 miles (WLTP) and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 8.3 seconds.

Side Camera Mirror System

The Side Camera Mirror System replaces conventional door mirros with compact cameras providing live images to 2 6-inch screens inside the vehicle at either end of the dashboard.

Pop-out door handles

Stand-out style elements, which accentuate the clean, uncluttered profile of the Honda e, include 'pop-out' door handles. The handles are flush to the bodywrok, extending out when access is required.

A choice of wheel sizes

The Honda e comes with 16" alloy wheels while the Honda e Advance offers the choice between 16" and 17" wheels.

Honda e accessories

The Honda e can be personalised with Honda Genuine Accessories. Options include Exterior or Interior packs, special alloys and individual items to highlight the car's features.

Front lights

Bold, 'eye-like' LED headlights illuminate the way and give you a warm welcome when you unlock the car. During the daytime, running lights keep you visible while you're zipping around the city.

Rear lights

Driving in the city typically involves a lot of stops and starts. The Honda e's bright, perfectly round LED taillights are unmissable from behind. Modern brake light design with a healthy dose of retro respect built in.

Great manoeuvrability in confined spaces

To help deliver a sporty character, power is delivered through the rear wheels, which also enables greater steering articulation for the front wheels. As a result, the turning radius is approximately 4.3 metres, ensuring the Honda e is exceptionally manoeuvrable in narrow streets.

Charge intelligently

e:PROGRESS is an advanced charging service exclusively for Honda e drivers. Its intelligent charging subscripotion makes sure your car runs on low cost, clean and green electricity.
Join the growing group of Honda customers already saving money with our service.


- Available for new and existing Honda e drivers

- 100% renewable electricity for guilt-free driving

- Artificial intelligence for automated scheduling

- Effortlessly charge using low cost energy

*Ts&Cs Apply

Platinum white pearl

Crystal black pearl

Charge yellow​

Premium crystal blue metallic

Modern steel metallic

Light and spaces

The Honda e is a compact electric urban car designed to be spacious inside. There is room - and legroom - for up to 4 adults. The rear seats fold down to create even more space when you need it.

Looks small, acts big

No central console adds extra space to the walk-through, flat floor front and rear. Rear seat passengers enjoy excellent comfort and legroom.

Exceptional comfort and materials

The honda e's seats are covered in hard wearing yet soft to touch fabric. They are as supportive and comfortable as you'd wish to find in your home.

Room for more

With a 171L boot, you've got space. Add to it by folding the back seat down to make more room for luggage and other large items. The Honda e was designed to be flexible inside.

A bigger picture

The Side Camera Mirror System includes screens at each end of the dash to ensure a natural feel and vision. The Centre Camera Mirror System* displays the image from a rear-view camera.*

*Available on the Honda e Advance

Stay connected wherever you go

Infotainment displays take up 2 12.3- inch LCD touchscreens on the full-width digital dashboard. Swap content, playlists and navigation with your passenger across the screens with smartphone-style with swipe controls.

Connect with the My Honda + app

Take control of your Honda e with our My Honda+ app. Lock, charge and protect your car or start the AC from anywhere.

Get a charging status and maintenance reminders. Honda technology is at its finest in this next-generation electric vehicle.

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Honda e, Exterior, White, Front
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