Hyundai Alloy Wheel Insurance

Alloy wheels change the way your Hyundai looks and therefore the way that you feel about it, and given the nature of modern day driving they can be damaged very easily. Even the world's best driver is not exempt from kerbing their alloy wheels.

• Following the accidental damage of any of the alloy wheels fitted to your Hyundai, up to 6 claims per year, we will arrange for a quick and effective cosmetic repair to be carried out by our approved repairer using pioneering repair and refurbishment techniques. After this your damaged alloy wheel will be back to matching the other wheels on your Hyundai.

• All repairs come with a 2 Year Guarantee.

• Alloy Wheel Insurance is available for one, two or three years and there is no monetary claim limit per alloy wheel claim and no excess to be paid.

• A huge 6, 12 or 18 alloy wheel repair claims can be made during the respective 1, 2 or 3 year policy period and two repairs on one alloy wheel on the same visit will only count as one claim.

• Where a cosmetic repair cannot be executed, but where a cosmetic lathe repair can be carried out, the policy would pay an amount of up to a maximum of £110 inc VAT towards the cost of this repair, which can be carried out by a repairer of your choice.

• If the damage to the alloy wheel is such that a cosmetic repair cannot be carried out at all, this policy will contribute an amount of £150 towards a replacement alloy wheel which can then be supplied by Marshall.

• You may cancel your policy up to 30 days after purchase with a full refund with no charges taken. After 30 days and prior to the last 30 days you may cancel the policy and be subject to a pro-rata refund of the retail price paid less a small administration fee of £35.