Revolutionary design Electrifying performance. Now available at Marshall Hyundai in Ashford, Canterbury, Gatwick, Gloucester, Hereford, Maidstone & Worcester.

Welcome to the revolution. Advanced and experimental, the all-new TUCSON is not simply an evolution of its predecessor, but a full-blown design revolution. Leading the way in progressive design, it also offers state-of-the-art smart tech and the most electrified powertrain line-up in its segment.

Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid

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Petrol and Mild Hybrid

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Exterior Design

Revolutionising the evolution of design

Sophisticated and experimental, the all-new TUCSON's design is revolutionary. Taking modern aesthetics to the next level, its chiselled surfaces and dynamic lines put it at the cutting-edge of SUV design. Featuring a bigger and wider body, its muscular stance combines sharp angles and dynamic proportions with rich surfaces – creating a progressive look without compromising on all-new TUCSON's rugged SUV heritage.

World’s-first Parametric Hidden Lights

The parametric grille’s dark chrome geometric design is transformed when you start driving. A state-of-the-art half-mirror lighting technology reveals the unique lighting signature of the brilliant jewel-like shapes on the outer sections of the grille.

Satin Chrome accent line

The all-new TUCSON's sporty sensibility is emphasised by a satin chrome accent line with an edged parabolic shape, starting on the side mirrors and continuing all the way to the C-pillar.

Rear LED combination lights

The wide LED tail lamps with parametric hidden light details continue the dynamic design theme in the rear.

19” alloy wheels

The 19” wheels (standard across Ultimate range and Premium Hybrid) optimise the all-new TUCSON's stunning proportions, further emphasising its spectacular presence.


Premium interior comfort

Stepping into the all-new TUCSON's sophisticated and spacious interior is like entering a neatly organised room where everyday concerns disappear. Here, space, technology and information intersect harmoniously. Featuring sensuous forms inspired by waterfalls, high quality soft touch materials are applied throughout the interior, taking the look and feel to a new level.

Interior style

Stepping into the TUCSON’s sophisticated and spacious interior is like entering a neatly organised room where everyday concerns disappear. Here, space, technology and information intersect harmoniously. Featuring sensuous forms inspired by waterfalls, high quality soft touch materials are applied throughout the interior, taking the look and feel to a new level.​ The TUCSON gives you ultimate comfort at all levels. Cloth interior is standard on SE Connect and Premium trims and leather is standard on Ultimate trim.

The open-style 10.25" digital cluster enhances the cockpit’s high-tech flair. The cluster housing has been removed to enhance the feeling of openness inside. Navigation, infotainment and air-conditioning controls are housed in the sophisticated touchscreen console, which also features a new, brilliantly vivid 10.25" touchscreen display.​ Stay charged up. The TUCSON is available with front and rear USB ports to ensure that everyone on board can charge their devices when on the road.​ Enjoy high-speed wireless charging for your smartphone (standard on Premium and above). The power has been increased from 5W to 15W for even faster charging. The unit features an integrated cooling function to prevent overheating.​ The shift-by-wire controls, which come as standard on all Hybrid trims, are stylishly recessed into the armrest for easy, intuitive use.​ The premium KRELL sound system (standard on Premium, N Line and Ultimate trims) delivers stellar performance with eight high-performance speakers and a subwoofer optimally tuned to deliver startling realism.​ Set the lights any way you want. Ambient mood lighting (Standard on Premium, N Line S and Ultimate trims) offers 64 configurable colours and 10 levels of brightness to fit every mood. Light sources are at the bottom of the centre fascia, in the wireless charging pad and door storage pocket.

Increased roominess

More spacious than ever before, the all-new TUCSON provides a comfortable ride for everyone on board

Versatile rear seat

For improved convenience and versatility, the rear seats can now be folded in a 40:20:40 ratio. What’s more, remote folding levers on the side walls means you don't have to clamber over the seats to make adjustments.

Hyundai TUCSON N Line

Interior - Upgrade your comfort zone

Welcome to a whole new level of sportiness. Sit down in the TUCSON N Line upgraded cockpit and you’ll feel its motor sport roots instantly. The sporty N Line seats feature the N logo and red contrast stitching, which can also be found on the door trim, armrest and gear shift knob.

  • Finished in fine leather and featuring red contrast stitching and sporty metallic accents, the N Line steering wheel proudly displays the N logo.
  • Red accent stitching has been applied throughout the sporty cockpit: on the seats, steering wheel, door trim and armrest. The grey cloth crash pad is garnished with red accents.
  • ​The sporty N Line seats keep you in control and comfortable with excellent lumbar support and are finished in luxurious mix of perforated black suede and leather.
  • The TUCSON N Line S is fitted with an impressive panoramic sunroof, creating that amazing open-air experience.
  • ​Sporty metal pedals enhance the dynamic driving experience. They feature a brushed metal finish with slip-resistant rubber pads for more control.

Exterior - The confidence of powerful details 

Upgraded with a wide range of motorsport-inspired design features, the TUCSON N Line exudes exhilarating performance flair. The aggressively reimagined front end is crowned by a unique N Line version of the Parametric Hidden Lights grille and refined air intakes, with a black bezel framing the LED headlamps. The body colour claddings, bumper and side mouldings put a sleek edge on this sporty statement.

  • The exclusive N Line grille, a bright silver skid plate and rectangular N Line bumper with sporty air intake refinements are some of the highlights in the front.
  • The profile is characterised by an energetic-looking side moulding in body colour, which creates more dynamic proportions and lines for a slimmer look.
  • The rectangular rear bumper harmonizes with the sporty twin tip exhausts and a bright silver skid plate, which is accentuated by a red reflector band.
  • Featuring the N Line badge and black bezel framing the headlamps and the grilles parametric jewel patterns have been elaborated with sporty edges to create additional reflections.
  • The TUCSON N Line also features bolder and sportier 19” alloy wheels. Continuing the Sensuous Sportiness theme, parametric patterns emphasise their geometric structure.
  • The twin tip exhaust harmonise with the muscular skid plate and elegant reflection line, highlighting the fact our designers took their cues from the high-performance world of Hyundai N.
  • The black frame around the side window graphic flows through the profile to the dynamic rear end, generating a race track-inspired feeling of forward motion.
  • Emphasising the sporty appearance in the rear, the TUCSON N Line is fitted with an aerodynamic spoiler that is longer than the standard model and garnished with fins.


​You’ll find clever, convenient touches throughout the TUCSON. Premium trim comes with front heated seats and Ultimate trims come with front and rear heated seats. The Ultimate trim also includes three-zone climate control with direct and indirect air vents, creating a more pleasant environment within the cabin.

  • The front seats are available with a three-step ventilation system for a comfortable drive in any kind of weather (standard on Ultimate).
  • The TUCSON’s Multi-Air Mode technology uses a system of direct and indirect vents to raise, lower and maintain the ambient temperature of the cabin in a more natural and pleasant way.
  • Bluelink® Connected Car Services deliver seamless connectivity, with online voice recognition and a wide range of features to make your drive more convenient and enjoyable. On top of the many clever features you can control with the Bluelink app, a free five-year subscription to Hyundai’s LIVE Services is also included with the navigation system.
  • The three-zone climate control (standard on Ultimate) allows front and rear passengers to fine-tune the temperature in their section of the cabin.


The broadest range of electrified powertrains

The TUCSON N Line is available with a variety of powertrains for both power and efficiency, which are available with different levels of electrification or without. The only powertrain not available from the standard version is the low power diesel.

Developed to reduce emissions without compromising responsiveness, the TUCSON offers the widest range of electrified powertrains in the compact SUV segment. You can choose from Petrol and Petrol 48-volt mild hybrid.

The N Line Plug in Hybrid and the Hybrid are coming soon.


Electrifying efficiency. The hybrid is powered by the new 1.6-litre T-GDI Smartstream petrol engine and a 44.2 kW electric motor, with a 1.49 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery.

48V mild hybrid

Save fuel and reduce emissions with the 48V mild hybrid system. It supports the combustion engine with additional torque during acceleration.

Smartstream petrol engine

The 1.6-litre T-GDi Smartstream petrol engine is available with 150 PS, a six-speed manual transmission two-wheel drive. It is equipped with Hyundai’s unique Continuously Variable Valve Duration (CVVD) technology, which optimises engine performance and fuel efficiency while also being eco-friendly.


Save fuel and reduce emissions with the 48V mild hybrid system. It supports the combustion engine with additional torque during acceleration and when starting from a stop. The 48V Mild Hybrid system is teamed with the 1.6 T-GDi Smartstream petrol engine with 150 PS or the 180 PS 7 speed DCT transmission with 4WD on selected trims.

Electrifying efficiency

The hybrid is powered by the new 1.6-litre T-GDi Smartstream petrol engine and a 44.2 kW electric motor, with a 1.49 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery for a combined total output of 230 PS.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Based on the potent combination of the 1.6-litre T-GDi Smartstream engine paired with a 66.9 kW electric motor, powered by a 13.8 kWh lithium polymer battery. Together, the gasoline engine and electric motor deliver 265 PS maximum power and 350 Nm maximum torque​.

HTRAC™ All-Wheel Drive system

Bad weather? Tight corner? No problem. The innovative HTRAC™ All-Wheel Drive system (available on selective Ultimate trim) provides optimal handling and cornering abilities.

Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS)

Available as an option on Ultimate trim, the ECS reduces roll, pitch and vertical motion to enhance ride, control and cornering.

Terrain Mode selector

The Terrain Mode selector (available on Hybrid powertrains) allows you to adjust the all-new TUCSON's driving style and all-wheel drive settings to suit road and weather conditions.

What is a Plug-in Hybrid?

The TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid delivers combined 265 PS of combined power output and an all-electric mode at the push of a button. Once the all-electric range is depleted, the full-parallel hybrid drive system takes over, which means it can run on its petrol engine or electric motor or both. Go as far as you need to. And when you get there, you can plug into a charging station.

Electric range + flexibility - A plug-in is the perfect compromise. Giving you plenty of electric range for most daily journeys, and the flexibility of petrol engine for longer trips.

Zero tailpipe emissions in EV mode - Go electric at the push of a button. Once the all-electric mode is depleted, the vehicle can continue on automatically in hybrid mode.

Go farther on a litre of petrol - In hybrid mode, the battery-powered electric motor works in tandem with its petrol engine to deliver improved fuel economy and lower emissions.


Thanks to its innovative powertrain technology, charging your TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid can be quick and convenient. Choose from home installation options and the ever-increasing number of public charging stations when you’re out and about. When you’re plugged in at home, you can remotely schedule charging via your smartphone and Bluelink® app during low-demand hours for lower electricity rates.

Home wall box / AC charging station

Depending on your grid connection at home or the type of public charging station you have access to, you have several possibilities for charging. One of which is the a wall box or an AC charging station.

ICCB cable for domestic power sockets

You can connect to a regular household power socket using the ICCB-cable (in-cable control box). TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid comes equipped with a 7.2 kW on-board charger, which converts AC power from the wall socket to DC power that charges the battery in the vehicle.

Charging cable for AC charging stations

You can connect the TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid to public AC charging points by cable. The same cable can also be used to connect to a home wall box.

Programmable charging

The TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid's advanced battery management system gives you complete control over when and how you charge. Pick a time that best fits your schedule and budget, and keep track of remaining charging time.

Charging time reservation

A few taps is all it takes to save money. Use the scheduled charging function to program start and stop charging times to make the most of off-peak electricity rates and wake up to a fully charged battery.

Charging limit

Set a Charging Limit (for example 50%) to take advantage of a fast-charging station in the city for the drive home – and then fully charge the battery at home while you’re sleep to take advantage of low electricity rates at night.

Safety - Enjoy more peace of mind with best-in-class safety

With best-in-class advanced driver-assistance systems and a comprehensive active safety package, the TUCSON delivers even more safety and peace of mind for you and the people you love.

The TUCSON comes with Highway Drive Assist (HDA) as standard on the Ultimate trim. This semi-autonomous system combines Lane Keep Assist, Smart Cruise Control, map data and sensors to deliver speed and steering adjustments when driving on the motorway. Sensing the road ahead with radar and a camera, the Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA) system automatically brakes if the vehicle ahead suddenly slows down, or if it detects pedestrians on the road. As part of the Tech pack available on Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Ultimate, TUCSON can remotely park or retrieve itself from a parking space. The High Beam Assist (HBA) detects vehicles ahead and automatically switches between low and high beam. The TUCSON features an enhanced seven-airbag system, including a first-row center side airbag, which is unique in this segment. You can see the rear left-and right-hand side views of the TUCSON on a screen in the digital cluster. The cameras are activated when you use the indicator during lane changes. Blind Spot View Monitor (BVM) is available as part of the optional Tech Pack on the N Line S and Ultimate trims with the 1.6 T-GDI 180PS 4WD DCT as well as the Plug-in Hybrid in Ultimate trim. The TUCSON features Lane Following Assist (LFA). When activated, it keeps the car centred in its lane. More safety and less stress Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control (SCC) (standard on Premium, N Line S & Ultimate trims with DCT, Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid powertrains) maintains a set distance from the vehicle ahead and also adjusts speed in anticipation of upcoming turns and junctions.

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