Hyundai Marshall Assist

Complimentary with our Marshall Care Warranty

In the unlikely event that your Hyundai breaks down, it is good to know that someone will come out to help. As part of your Marshall Care Warranty, Marshall Assist will help minimise the inconvenience and discomfort of a breakdown by providing you with comprehensive cover, 24 hours a day, throughout the year within the UK. It is also worth noting that Marshall Assist covers the vehicle, so anyone who is driving the car is covered.

If your Hyundai breaks down the following cover is available as part of Marshall Assist:

Roadside Assistance - If your Hyundai breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure, sustains a puncture or is involved in an accident, Marshall Assist will send help to the scene and seek to repair the vehicle at the roadside.

Home Assist - Marshall Assist will attend should your Hyundai break down at your home address or within a one-mile radius.

Nationwide Recovery - If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside Marshall Assist will arrange and pay for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be recovered to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair. If the above is not possible at the time, Marshall Assist will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be transported to your home or original destination.

Caravans / Trailers - In the event your Hyundai breaks down with a caravan or trailer attached, this will be recovered at no extra cost.

Accident Cover - If your Hyundai is involved in an accident, rendering it illegal or immobile, your vehicle will be transported to a nominated local address within the United Kingdom.

Puncture Cover - If your Hyundai sustains a puncture and you are unable to change the tyre, Marshall Assist will attend the scene and carry out the change of tyre for you.

Toll fees - In the event of a recovery, ferry and tolls within United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will be paid for you.

Message Service - In the event of a breakdown, Marshall Assist will pass on two messages for you.