Hyundai Tyre Insurance

Keeping a Grip on your investment

Your tyre is possibly the most important part of your Hyundai as it is the only part that is in direct contact with the road. Tyre manufacturers spend millions of pounds in research and development to ensure that modern tyres can withstand the rigours of modern roads. However, this increased performance and safety comes at a cost with some tyres costing hundreds of pounds.

• Marshall Tyre Insurance protects you against the unforeseen costs of having to replace or repair the tyres on your Hyundai prematurely, as a result of accidental damage, puncture or malicious damage by a third party, resulting in the sudden and unforeseen deflation of a tyre.

• The more severe pot holes can damage tyres, invariably resulting in sidewall damage but often not to a point where a puncture occurs. Such sidewall damage that often doesn’t even immediately lead to sudden deflation is also covered.

• Tyre Insurance covers the cost of replacement or repair of the four tyres on your Hyundai plus the spare and subsequent replacements.

• The cost of each tyre is covered up to either £125 (incl VAT) for standard tyres up to 17” wheels, and £300 (incl VAT) for prestige tyres up to 22” wheels.

• There is no excess payable on any claim and you may cancel your policy up to 30 days after purchase with a full refund with no charges taken.

• Pro-Rata Refund - After 30 days and prior to the last 30 days you may cancel the policy and be subject to a pro-rata refund of the retail price paid less a small administration fee of £35.