Free Ohme Charger

Need a home charger? Until 30th June, purchase a Hyundai Promise Approved Used electric car through Hyundai Finance and get a free Ohme home charger.

This includes installation, and you can choose between tethered or untethered.

​Choose from:

  • Ohme Home Pro 7kW Tethered plus standard installation, or
  • Ohme ePod 7kW Untethered plus standard installation.

Check your eligibility

  • Applicable on Hyundai Promise and Approved Used fully electric vehicles aged up to [5] years old (0 to [60] months) and up to [60,000] miles at point of activation.
  • Customers purchasing on any Hyundai Finance product via a participating Hyundai Retailer
  • Excludes non-fully electric vehicles (PHEV and ICE vehicles)
  • All vehicles must comply with the standard Hyundai Promise/Approved Used warranty eligibility criteria, including multi-point check (MPC) and mileage limits.
  • Available for retail customers only. Fleet customers (limited companies and other businesses with five or more vehicles) are not eligible to participate in the offer.

Benefits of an Ohme home charger

  • Tariff integration – Ohme's technology can connect to your electricity tariff to work out when to charge your car at the cheapest rate.
  • Charge Scheduling – use scheduling tools to make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you are.
  • Quick boost – use Ohme's 'Max Charge' feature to give your vehicle a boost.
  • Cost management – you can set a maximum price cap to save money and control your charging costs.
  • Charge history – see how much you've been charged and spent within the app.
  • Ohme app – get the most out of your EV charger with Ohme's free easy-to-use mobile app –- available on both iOS and Android.

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Terms and conditions

Retail Customers who purchase Hyundai Promise Approved Used Electric Vehicle (Ioniq EV, IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, or KONA EV) on any Hyundai Finance product, from a participating Hyundai Retailer between 3 April 2024 and 30 June 2024 inclusive, and delivered by 30th June 2024, can receive either:
(a) a 7kW Ohme Home Pro home EV charger (5m tethered cable) with standard installation; or
(b) a 7Kw Ohme ePod home EV charger (untethered) with standard installation.
The home EV charger incentives are subject to the terms and conditions set out below. A customer is not entitled to receive both incentives.
A customer is not entitled to receive both home EV chargers.
This offer is open to UK residents, aged 18+.
To receive the Ohme home EV charger, you must be (a) a homeowner or (b) a renter with the landlord's permission, and in each case have off-street parking at the property. You must be a full-time resident at the address where the home EV charger is installed.
Fleet customers (limited companies and other businesses with five or more vehicles) are not eligible to participate in the offer.
The home EV charger must be ordered from Ohme via a participating Hyundai Retailer at the time of purchasing your Hyundai Promise Approved Used Electric Vehicle (Ioniq EV, IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, or KONA EV) on any Hyundai Finance product Please request the offer at the time of vehicle purchase to ensure your order is placed by the Hyundai Retailer. Home EV chargers are not available retrospectively. Please speak to your Hyundai Retailer for more information.
Offer is subject to availability, and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
Ohme's standard terms and conditions of sale shall apply in relation to all home EV charger(s) supplied under this offer. App download and compatible equipment required. Not for commercial use. Please visit for further information.
The home EV charger included in the offer is either a 7kW Ohme Home Pro (tethered) with standard installation only or 7kW Ohme ePod (untethered) with standard installation only. The availability of standard installation depends on various factors including the age and condition of the existing wiring at the property and the location of the nearest electricity point/meter. To find out whether you are likely to qualify for standard installation, please click here.
Standard installation is subject to survey.
Supply, installation and maintenance of the home EV charger will be subject to a separate contract between the customer and Ohme. Neither Hyundai Motor UK, Hyundai Capital UK, nor the Hyundai Retailer can accept any responsibility in connection with that contract and any customer queries or claims must be directed to Ohme. Customers will need to liaise directly with Ohme in connection with survey and installation.
Any costs, for example, late cancellation fees, aborted visits, physical home surveys, additional accessories, home EV charger upgrades, non-standard installation and/or additional installation works, must be paid for by the customer.
If the customer rents their property, they are responsible for obtaining the landlord's permission for the installation. All other permissions and consents are also the responsibility of the customer.
The home EV charger is only available for installation at a residential address owned by the customer (or rented by the customer, with the landlord's permission) with off-street parking and electrical capacity sufficient to support the home EV charger (unless otherwise agreed specifically with Hyundai Finance and Ohme).
Home EV chargers are non-transferable and non-refundable and there is no cash or other alternative available under this offer. However, Hyundai Finance reserves the right to include a different home EV charger and installation, of equivalent or greater value, within the offer.
If a qualifying vehicle for the offer is cancelled and an alternative Hyundai Promise Approved Used Electric Vehicle (Ioniq EV, IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, or KONA EV) is not repurchased on any Hyundai Finance product in place of the cancelled vehicle after installation, then the customer will be liable to repay Ohme the fees paid by Hyundai Finance in connection with the home EV charger and standard installation. If the customer cancels the qualifying purchase before the installation has taken place, then no charges will be made, and they will no longer be entitled to a home EV charger with standard installation through this offer. This does not affect customers' statutory rights.
For customers who are eligible for the Government electric vehicle (EV) ChargePoint grant (worth up to £350 – only available to homeowners who live in flats and consumers in rental accommodation), Hyundai Finance will fund the remaining cost of the home charger with standard installation after the OZEV grant has been applied. Ohme will identify customers who are eligible and will support them through the grant application process.