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The New Mercedes-Benz Citan Panel Van Introducing the The New Mercedes-Benz Citan Panel Van Starting From £20,340.00
The New Mercedes-Benz Citan Panel Van

The New Mercedes-Benz Citan Panel Van

Innovative, economical and more affordable than you may think. The Mercedes-Benz Citan delivers impressive cabin stowage, exceptional fuel consumption and superior comfort and driver convenience. Everything you need to keep your business moving.

The Citan Panel Van

The Citan may be the smallest van in the Mercedes-Benz range, but it really is the things that matter. Available in two different lengths with impressive loading capacity, fuel consumption and ECO Start/Stop functionality, the Citan is designated to be your perfect business partner.


ECO Start/Stop functionality

This functionality comes as standard and is linked to the vehicles standard trip computer, which shows fuel consumption, distance, range and average speed at a glance.

Cruise Control

The Citan’s cruise control feature, conveniently located on the steering wheel, maintains a predetermined speed for you, resulting in lower consumption.

Electronically heated, adjustable wing mirrors

A standard feature on the Citan, but can also be made foldable as an optional extra.

Versatile foldable grill bulkhead

The Citan Panel Van offers two bulkhead options. A full steel bulkhead as standard and the option of a folding bulkhead.

Durable plastic floor loading area with load-securing rings.

Cargo can be easily secured with straps attached to a load-securing rings on the floor – option to add extra rings anywhere you need along the sidewalls.

Convenient sliding side loading doors

Two sliding side doors available on Long and Extra Long Citans.

Wide opening 180 rear twin doors

The Citan Panel Van offers twin rear doors with an opening angle of up to 180 degrees, providing unrestricted access for loading.

Interior comfort – to help achieve the perfect position for comfort and safety, the Citan’s seat and backrest are designed to adjust easily. The steering wheel is also height adjustable and all the controls are laid out within easy reach.

The standard-fit heating and ventilation system with optional air conditioning system gives you control over the climate inside. The Citan’s diesel engine is fitted with an electric heater booster to help defrost, de-mist and heat up your van faster during the winter months.

Multiple stowage compartments – intelligent and spacious stowage system brings order to the interior of your Citan. There’s a lockable glove compartment, the generous stowage space in both front doors. There’s also an optional, easy-to-reach stowage compartment in the centre console with space for a 1.5-litre bottle.

Reversing camera – activated when reverse is engaged. The camera image is shown on the interior mirror and automatically dimmed if the light intensity is strong.

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