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Keep your truck connected to your business with the latest in Mercedes-Benz technology. The latest in Mercedes-Benz technology.


The leading supplier of the next generation of Telematics & Connectivity Solutions. Fleetboard is used throughout the world, helping our clients to drive efficiency throughout their supply chain. From Tracking & Telematics, real-time diagnostics with workshop integration, through to the full sign on glass delivery functionality. Fleetboard has the solution.

The world of connectivity is evolving and so are we, keeping our customers ahead of the curve with leading edge technologies. Fleetboard telematics. The future of connectivity, today

Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Fine-tuned Telematics
Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Digi Tacho Download Functionality
Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Safety and Diagnostics services

Fine-tuned Telematics. 

In tune with the latest developments in technology and efficiencies, our products are continuously evolving. The next generation of telematics accounts for new driving styles required to maximise the efficiencies of the trucks, whilst making use of features such as Driving Programmes, Predictive Power Control and Variant Greenband Driving. Our unique grading, Performance Analysis also uses additional data from areas such as Route Gradient Mapping and Weight.

Digi Tacho Download Functionality. 

Supporting our customers to fulfil their legal archiving requirements. Fleetboard has full Digi Tacho download functionality for both the driver and company card, seamlessly passing the data from the head unit to the preferred analysis provider.

Safety and Diagnostics services. 

The new, revolutionary tele diagnosis solution, continuously checks the status of the vehicle systems in real time. Allowing critical conditions to be detected at an early stage and clear instructions provided.

If repair and maintenance requirements are identified, your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner will contact you with an optimal repair solution.

Fleetboard Exclusive Logistics Module. 

Using either our in-cab fixed tablet or our removable hand-held device, Fleetboard are able to offer a full logistics solution seamlessly integrated into your existing TMS/Routing & Scheduling tool. Drivers can be provided with information from simple delivery points to full delivery and load details, fully supported with ‘Truck Friendly’ navigation

Mercedes-Benz Uptime

Making your truck even more efficient reliable and safe. Intelligent, real-time monitoring that keeps your truck on the road where it belongs.

A revolutionary telediagnosis system. It monitors various electronic sensors on your vehicle in real time and can detect critical conditions related to these sensors at an early stage. Data is shared automatically with Mercedes-Benz so we can alert you to anything that needs attention, providing optimal repair solutions in good time.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime can prevent breakdowns before they happen, minimising workshop time and keeping your truck on the road where it belongs.

Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Real-time support
Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Efficient management of repair and maintenance
Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Prevented breakdowns

Real-time support. Failure to carry out regular maintenance tasks can increase wear and lead to damage or breakdown. Mercedes-Benz Uptime gives you timely information and clear instructions on maintenance tasks you can carry out yourself, including regenerating the diesel particulate filter, topping up fluids and correcting tyre pressure.

Efficient management of repair and maintenance. Any applicable repair and maintenance needs are detected at an early stage and automatically relayed to your chosen workshop. Who can then prepare for your visit by ordering parts and scheduling the work. Multiple tasks can be bundled, resulting in fewer workshop visits and a significant reduction in downtime.

Prevented breakdowns. If your truck is likely to breakdown due to a condition that has been detected by one of the vehicles electronic sensors you will be informed by the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre. We’ll check availability of parts and resources, then help arrange a workshop appointment so your vehicle can be repaired straight away, with the absolute minimum disruption to your schedule.

Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal

Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Networked for success, Apps that drive your business
Marshall Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Intelligent networking, Open Platform, Comprehensive Selection
Marshall Mercedes-Benz, Fleet Manager, Distribution Manager, Customisation made easy

Networked for success. Apps that drive your business.

The Mercedes-Benz Truck app portal is a digital marketplace that allows vehicles to be individually equipped with apps that increase both comfort and efficiency. Fleet managers can access all of the available apps via a clearly organised platform and then initiate the installation process for the entire fleet or individual vehicles.

Intelligent networking – apps from the Mercedes-Benz Truck app portal take fleet connectivity to a whole new level.

Open platform – a diverse range of innovative solutions from Fleetboard, Daimler and top-class partners from the industry.

Comprehensive selection – an extensive app portfolio for the most varied customer needs.

Fleet Manager/Distribution Manager – Customisation made easy.

Access all available apps from our clearly presented platform. Once you have selected an app, just start the installation process and assign the apps to your vehicles – you can equip trucks individually.

Drivers – Digital Supports.

Drivers have direct access to innovative apps for enhancing convenience and efficiency via the multi-touch display or DispoPilot.guide2 – providing digital support for drivers.

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