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Mercedes-Benz Road Efficiency 

22nd November 2017

We do everything. To ensure particularly low overall costs.

Low costs. Right from the outset and throughout the truck’s entire useful life. With innovative, fuel-saving technology, low repair and maintenance costs, high residual values and attractive leasing and financing conditions which also contribute to the vehicle’s efficiency.

Achieving low operating costs with a focus on reduced fuel consumption is the first pillar of RoadEfficiency - and a promise we have continued to keep over the years. For example as the first manufacturer to introduce the fuel-efficient Euro VI engines. Or with Predictive Powertrain Control* **, a system which is capable of saving up to 5% more diesel. In short, innovative technology that has continued to set new standards.

The Actros continues to underline its leading role: in over 2000 Fuel Challenges it has won more than 90% – with a consumption advantage of around 10%***. But that’s not all: in future we will continue to work on lowering consumption – further reducing total costs in the process.

We do everything. For a particularly high level of safety.

Reaching the destination safely – with the support of assistance and safety systems which actively ease the burden on the driver, help protect the vehicle and its cargo and so contribute to greater cost-effectiveness. On every trip.

This is the second pillar of RoadEfficiency: trucks that are very safe are not just an important development for all road users. They are also more efficient, because accident-related downtime is a much rarer occurrence. This is why we have been focusing for over 45 years now on developing innovative safety systems.

This has included the introduction of ABS and ASR, the electronic braking system, Lane Keeping Assist, Stability Control Assist and Active Brake Assist.

With the enhanced Active Brake Assist * ** and the new Sideguard Assist*** – two safety systems that provide additional support for the driver where there is a risk of collision, including with pedestrians - we are continuing our pioneering work and doing all that we can to ensure that you arrive safely and efficiently. Not just on the motorway but in urban areas too.

Safety. It's in our DNA. Always has been.

Setting the safety benchmark. It’s where we came from, it’s where we are today. From the brand that produced the world’s first vehicle with brakes on all wheels in 1924, to the first to fit ABS as standard on a truck in 1992.

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