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You see what we see

Previous winners of 'Digital Initiative of the Year' and "Best Use of Technology Award" at Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards.

If you are looking for a transparent process when having a health check on your SKODA, then look no further. Try the award winning Workshop Window by Marshall, our FREE online safety check.

Workshop Window is a new process which aims to give you peace of mind that your SKODA is being cared for in the right hands with great value for money. Through the Workshop Window our fully trained Technicians will perform a routine safety check on your SKODA and email you a video of the check showing you exactly what work is required, if any. It’s as simple as that! You see what we see.

Workshop Window by Marshall on implementation won 'Digital Initiative of the Year' at the Motortrader Awards in London. The Digital Initiative Award recognises and rewards the best use of digital media by franchised and non-franchised dealers.

Another accolade from businesses within the Thames Valley region - Europe’s Tech Valley. The " Best Use of Technology Award " was awarded to Workshop Window for the illustrating innovative approach to the application of technology and a demonstrable improvement in the customer service experience as a result of technology.

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