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Behind the wheel of the glamorous Vauxhall Cascada you’re one of the beautiful people. Elegant and refined, this thoroughbred is the convertible you’ve always dreamed of.


Gorgeous Looks

So much thought has gone into the design of the Vauxhall Cascada. Its sleek, sophisticated profile is certain to turn heads when the top is down. And when it’s raised it’s equally gorgeous with perfect proportions and premium materials.

It takes just 17 seconds to open the roof so you’ll catch every ray of sun – but if it starts to rain, it’s only 19 seconds to close again. And all this can be done at up to 30mph.

New Vauxhall Cascada, exterior
New Vauxhall Cascada, exterior

But it’s what’s on the inside…

Share the love and take friends for a spin with four deep supportive seats that offer as much space and comfort as you could wish. Seats are multi-adjustable and ergonomic. Choose from high-quality ventilated leather or luxurious textiles for the most sensuous driving experience.

An easy-entry system slides the front seats back at a touch, then quickly and easily they’ll glide back into place.

If you need extra luggage space, the Flexfold system automatically folds one or both rear seats, increasing storage to a potential 750 litres.

Electronic climate control lets both front passengers choose and maintain their individual settings – so no more arguments about the ideal temperature in the car.

Cascada’s high-end multimedia systems allow you to enjoy your smart phone and satellite navigation on the move, with superb surround sound and a seven-inch high definition display unit.

New Vauxhall Cascada, interior
New Vauxhall Cascada, engine
New Vauxhall Cascada, interior

Engine and performance

Exceptional front and rear suspension guarantees high levels of comfort and ultra-low levels of noise and vibration. Advanced design and technology combine to give a smooth 167.6bhp with outstanding economy.

Choose either a petrol or diesel engine, such as the 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC with 138bhp, or the 2.0 CTDI ECOTEC diesel with 162.7bph.

Safety and security

The Cascada has all the safety of a hardtop, thanks to advanced structural engineering, high-tensile materials and rollover protection.

Rollover bars are out of sight and anchored in the rear of the car, where they remain unless triggered by the airbag sensors. Full-sized front airbags and oversized side airbags give extra head protection and are standard on every model. Active headrests guard against whiplash.

For safer driving, the Cascada’s headlights automatically switch between high and dipped. A front camera reads speed and hazard warnings, and it will tell you if you’re driving too fast behind the car in front. It will also alert you if you move out of lane without indicating.

The Cascada’s alarm system guards the vehicle and its contents with its own back-up power supply. Any attempt to break in results in lights flashing and alarms sounding.


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Vauxhall Cascada The car you’ve always promised yourself

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