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ALL-NEW CORSA Introducing the ALL-NEW CORSA Starting From £17,015.00


Now available at Marshall Vauxhall


Stylish by design

Bold. Sporty. Modern. The new 5-door Corsa design is all about fun, style and personality. So check out the two-tone floating roof design, eye-catching front grille and chic LED headlights. ​

Be connected 

All-new Corsa comes packed with cutting-edge tech as standard. That includes a 7-inch colour touchscreen, Apple and Android smartphone projection, and Bluetooth.​

Safer than ever 

Stylish and fun, yes. But new Corsa is also safer than ever. 

Automatic emergency braking. Forward collision alert. Lane departure warning. Speed sign recognition. Driver drowsiness system. All as standard across the range. ​

New era engines 

Corsa’s all-new powertrains offer nippy engines that are lighter on fuel, emissions and your pocket.

Take your pick between petrol, diesel and our first ever 100% electric engine, which glides from 0 to 60mph in just 7.6 seconds.



Looking Good 

The all-new Corsa is wider, lower, more dynamic. Check out the bold shape, distinctive grille, bigger air intakes and entegrated daytime running lights. And we've topped things off with a stunning black roof.​


Pack more in

More space inside and more boot room to play with. New lightweight materials give the Corsa a refined look. And with 7" colour touch screens available on a range of new infotainment systems, you'll want to stay a while.​


Roll with it

The new Corsa comes with stunning alloy wheels as standard. Make it your own by adding 16" or 17" alloys with an eye-catching design and smooth drive. Take it for a spin and seriously turn on the style.


LED headlights 

Don't dazzle 

Bright thinking. The all-new Corsa is the first in its class to have adaptive, glare-free LED headlights. Featuring high beam assist, the lights deactivate full beam when approaching another vehicle. So you can light the way, without dazzling other drivers. ​

Intellilux LED® matrix headlights 

Smart lighting

Whether you're on a busy city street, bendy country lane, taking a tight bend or just parking up, IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights automatically adapt to the road and driving conditions. SO you never struggle to see the way forward.

Rear view camera 

See more, do more

Park like a pro. With its panoramic rear-view camera giving you an unbeatable 180° view, the new Corsa makes reversing into those tricky spots simple, safer and stress-free.​

Adaptive cruise control

Own the road

Take it easy. The clever built-in system keeps a close eye on traffic, speeding up and slowing down so you keep a safe distance from the car ahead. Head for the open road and experience driving the way it should be.


Smart cars

Entertainment with a modern touch

Put on a performance. The new Corsa boasts a state-of-the-art 7" colour touchscreen entertainment system, including Apple CarPlay and Adroid Auto support. Use voice control to call up your top tunes and play them throughout the car using Bluetooth audio streaming. Now that's seriously smart.

Upgrade to Elite Nav or Ultimate Nav models and get a 10" colour touchscreen.​

Satellite navigation 

Choose your destination

Your next adventure is just a touch away. The Multimedia Navi's 7" touchscreen display is the only port of call you need. Ditch the map and find your own path with the handy build-in navigation system.​

Vauxhall Connect

There for you

Experience peaece of mind. In an emergency or breakdown, you can call up help at the touch of a button - 24/7, 365 days a year. Get live navigation services, vehicle diagnostic info and more through the MyVauxhall app.​


Heated features

Hot Stuff

If it's chilly out, you'll want to stay in your Corsa. Cosy up with adjustable heated seating to keep you and your front passenger snug and warm. Switch between three heat levels and get even toastier with the optional heated steering wheel.

Massage leather seats

You deserve it

Enjoy the ride. Thanks to the in-seat massager, you'll never be more comfortable than when you're behind the wheel. Wherever you're going, no matter how far, get there feeling more relaxed and refreshed.​

Loading space

Pack more in

No more luggage worries. The Corsa's impressive 309 litre boot capacity means you've always got loads of space to play with. And if you need more, no problem - just fold those rear seats down. Time to make big plans.​



Power trip

Take your pick. All-new Corsa has a choice of electric, petrol and diesel engines. The range kicks off with the 1.2 litre (75ps) petrol unit. Next up - a nippy, award-winning, direct-injection turbocharged 1.2 litre (100PS) model. And the 1.5 litre diesel pushes 102PS with maximum torque of 250Nm. more power to you.

Our first ever 100% electric Corsa engine comes with a 50 kWh Lithium-ion battery, deliverying a range of 209 miles1 and 0 - 60mph in 7.6 seconds. Switch it up. ​


Full throttle

Shift into geat. The Corsa's super-efficient 8-speed transmission - featuring shift paddles on selected models - makes every journey effortless. Discover control the way it's meant to be.

Not a fan of gear changes? Go electric. No clutch or shifting up or down to worry about. Just an easy-going, smooth and silent drive that'll have you purring.​


The most efficient Corsa ever

Weighing 10% less than the current model, the all-new Corsa delivers improved performance and increased efficiency.

Steering is sharper too - handy in the city. And there's a new range of nippy powertrains. Fun to drive, they use less fuel and produce less CO2 emissions. Petrol and diesel options start from 85 g/km CO2, and our 100% electric engine produces precisely 0 g/km. Good to know.


Lane assist

Follow the road - Wherever it leads

Let the all-new Corsa guide you. Using an intelligent on-board camera and sensors, Lane Assist monitors the road ahead to always keep you on the right path. If you start to drift, the smart steering wheel gently nudges you back on track. Perfect for long drives and fresh adventures. 

Advanced emergency braking

Slow down automatically

Corsa is always looking out for you and other road users. Its automatic emergency braking system will slow or stop your car if there's a danger of collision. So it could reduce accidents and save lives.​

Traffic sign recognition

Smart thinking

Relax. All new Corsa is packed with clever safety tech. Traffic sign recognition alerts you to important signs ahead. It also displays upcoming speed limits. So, with just the push of a button, you can set cruise control to auto adjust your speed as needed.​

Side blind spot alert

Eyes everywhere

A real lifesaver. It warns you of any cars you can't see, so you can safely change in and out of lanes without a problem.​

Driver drowsiness system

Don't drift off

Our seriously smart driver dowsiness system uses sensors to keep an eye out and warn you if you show signs of tiredness. So you'll never know when it's time to stop for that all-important break. ​

Lane departure warning

Got your back

Stay safely rolling on. Lane Departure Warning gives you a heads-up (and an audio alert) if you start drifting our of lane without signalling.

Electric. Petrol. Diesel.

Three engines types. Your call.

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