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Streamlined and sporty, the new GTC embodies youth, good looks and high energy.



The sporty three-door GTC has a strong aerodynamic appearance and all the pizzazz of a classic coupé. Its smooth front bumper, daytime running lights and wraparound headlights are standard embellishments that enhance its natural good looks. And as you’d expect, it comes in a dashing range of colours.

Impressive 18-inch alloy wheels are standard with this model, and there’s the option to upgrade to the bigger 20-inch size.


Inside the GTC you’ll find echoes of the sporty exterior, with strong lines and athletic contours, and a wide choice of fabrics and trims.

The CD 600 IntelliLink system integrates with your smartphone and displays the most important functions on a seven-inch high-definition screen on the dashboard. There’s a CD player, digital radio, USB connection and six premium speakers.

Vauxhall Astra GTC at Ipswich, Knebworth, Leicester, Peterborough and Welwyn Garden City
Vauxhall Astra GTC at Ipswich, Knebworth, Leicester, Peterborough and Welwyn Garden City
Vauxhall Astra GTC at Ipswich, Knebworth, Leicester, Peterborough and Welwyn Garden City

Engines and performance

All manual GTCs feature cutting-edge start/stop technology, which saves fuel consumption. The system switches the engine off when you stop in traffic, then restarts automatically when you press the clutch.

GTC turbo charged engines are powerful but efficient. There’s a choice of six, each one matched to a six-speed transmission, or on some units a six-speed automatic. For the very lowest CO2 emissions in this class, the new 1.6CTDi 108.5bhp and 134.1bhp ecoFLEX ‘Whisper diesel’ editions are the versions to go for.

Chassis experts have used smart engineering to fine-tune the GTC’s suspension to UK road surfaces, for a frisky drive. If you’re after a gentler driving experience, the optional Flexride feature allows you to change from ‘Sport’ to ‘Tour’ and back again, at the touch of a button.


Optional Perimeter Protection screens the blind spots on both sides of your car to help prevent a collision. The system will warn you if you’re about to move into a lane where another vehicle is detected.

The GTC’s clever front camera system recognises lane boundaries and checks your speed. It sounds a warning if you leave your lane without indicating, or if you’re approaching too fast behind a slower-moving vehicle.

If you choose Advanced Park Assist, you’ll park perfectly every time – no bumps or scrapes. This feature not only tells you when there’s a parking space, it directs you as you steer into it.

A new version of the Vauxhall adaptive forward lighting system has headlights that change their pattern depending on the amount of light you need. They can even see around corners and automatically dip if a vehicle is coming in the other direction.

Choosing Vauxhall OnStar gives you in-car access to emergency help and advice round the clock, 365 days a year, as well as many other services.


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Vauxhall Astra GTC Pure passion meets concept-car edge

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