With its premium appearance, family-friendly interior and attention to detail, Vivaro Life combines everyday practicality with style.


Style with practicality

Smooth, sculpted lines. Chrome-detail headlights. The Vivaro Life makes practically stylish.
With easy access through side-doors, its a true family-friendly car. You can even choose between two sizes: medium and large.

Your lounge on wheels

The whole family will get more out of Vivaro Life's flexible passenger area and handy storage spaces.
Able to carry up to 9 people, the car's ergonomic seating is a snug as your lounge seats at home. 
For a touch more luxury, check out our leather trim options. ​

Stay comfy, every journey

Electric seats for easy adjustment. Heated seats for cold days. Seats that relax you with a massage.
Second- and third-row seats you can swivel round, conference-style.
Comfort with flexibility awaits you. Just choose the potions you love.



Wheels that turn heads

Eye-catching wheels come as standard with each Vivaro Life trim level:

  • Life Edition: 16-inch steel wheels with small-cover wheel trims
  • Life Elite: 17-inch bi-colour 'diamond-cut' alloy wheels 

​Smart and Stylish

Want to look turn heads, on and off the road? Choose from a range of 8 smart colours ranging in Solid, Brilliant and Two Coat Metallic. 



Less fuel, lower costs

Maximum efficiency. Low running costs. Reduced emissions. 

Vivaro Life's range of 5 energy-efficient engines keeps your fuel costs way doen.

Choose up to 180hp and transmissions that range from 6-speed manual to 8-speed automatic. 

Class-leading fuel consumption

It's un-British to Boast. But let's call a spade a spade. 

The Vivaro Life offers class-leading fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

That’s good news for your pocket and the environment. ​


Keeping your distance

Cruise control can help make driving easier, especially on motorways.
It automatically lowers your speed to keep a set distance from the car ahead, then switches to you previous speed when the road's clear. 

No more fumbling for keys

Hands full? Keys at the bottom of your bag?
Now you can just get in and press a start/stop button. 
The keyless entry and start system* is primed as you approach the car. So no more searching for keys.

* Optional feature. 

Peace of mind, every trip

Say hello to your new guardian angel - Vauxhall Connect.
This set of driver assistance and security system comes as standard with Vivaro Life. It includes e-call with automatic emergency response in case of a crash.

See and be seen. Always.

For your saftey and peace of mind you will need to be visable at all times. In all British weathers.
Thats why New Vivaro Life Elite includes LED daytime running lights and powerful Xenon headlights as standard.

Keep the right speed, hassle-free

Checking traffic signs can be stressful. So this handy feature alerts you to some of them.
Use it to check changes in speed limit. Then push a button and set cruise control to auto-adjust your speed as needed.
Now Relax. 

Virtual Clarity

The head-up display shows key driving details - such as your speed - right in your line of vision.
So you can keep your eyes firmly on the road. 


Relax to your favourite playlist 

Using Apple CarPlay™️​ or Android Auto™️​, you can project your smartphone onto the 7-inch touchscreen. So your music, contacts and phone apps are at your finger tips.
To top it off, smart navigation with Multimedia Navi Pro gets you from A to B with ease. 

Fine-tune your comfort

People's ideal temperature varies. So Vivaro Life Offers optional dual-zone climate control - putting driver and passenger on charge of their own comfort.

​Open up, hands, free

Need quick access to your car? Vivaro Life deliver, with twin sliding side-access doors included as standard.
Hands loaded with bags? Choose our optional electric hands-free opening system, and open up with a flick of your foot. 




Charge as you go 

If you or the kids need to recharge smartphones or tablets on the move, choose our optional docking station. It provides a 220-volt power supply.

Let there be light

The stunning panoramic roof lets light flood in, brininging energy to the cabin. 
When day turns to night, the blinds slide down easily to allow passengers to rest. Night night. 



Keeping watch for you

By spotting things, you might miss, the Vivaro Life keeps you and your family safer.
Lane Keep Assist quickly alerts you if you're drifting out of lane. And Side Blind-Spot Alert uses a visual projection on your wing mirror to alert you to vehicles in your blind spot when overtaking.

Smart protection built-in 

If you're heading for a collision, Automatic Emergency Braking will auto-apply your brakes to avoid an accident.
It's great to have your back covered.

Help when you need it most

Tired during a long family drive? Help is at hand.
By monitoring your driving style and time at the wheel, New Vivaro will let you know when it's time to take a break. How reassuring is that?




Stay in control on all surfaces

Whatever the surface or weather, Vivaro Life has got you covered. The optional IntelliGrip system gives you extra traction on tricky surfaces like mud, sand and snow. Safe journey. 

Goodbye to neck-twisting

Reversing out of your driveway or into a tight parking space? Our clever 180°​ rear-view camera provides an extra-wide view of everything behind you. And you can see it all in front of you, on your 7-inch dashboard screen. 


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