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Hybrid OR Electric

Let us show you the difference between the two and help make the best choice for your needs.

Harness industry recognised excellence.
Find an award winning electrified car that suits you.

Drive a vision of tomorrow right now. 
Our broadest range of electrified vehicles.

Journey to new horizons of innovation.
We've made switching powertrains a simple, smart and sophisticated choice.

Hybrid cars 

Hybrid cars have a regular combustion engine at their heart that’s assisted to varying degrees by an electric motor to achieve low emissions. The batteries that power the motor are charged by the engine and via regenerative braking. ‘Plug-in’ hybrid models have larger batteries that can also be charged from the mains for extra range. They can run on electric power alone.

Electric cars

Electric cars are petrol / diesel free and run solely on battery powered electric motors. The batteries are charged via a mains supply and through regenerative braking. Continual advances have greatly extended their driving range, boosted their torque, reduced charging times and established a better recharging infrastructure.

The time for change is now

Hybrid and electric cars have come of age and are being embraced by local and national government initiatives.

Travel in low emission zones. As an increasing number of cities impose congestion charges and low emissions zones in order to protect their air quality, certain hybrid and electric cars are a way to protect your ability to travel in these areas

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