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New Audi A6 TFSi e plug-in hybrid Introducing the New Audi A6 TFSi e plug-in hybrid Starting From £38,640.00
New Audi A6 TFSi e plug-in hybrid

New Audi A6 TFSI e Quattro Plug-In Hybrid

This saloon is designed for executive class drivers who expect performance and luxury, but also have fuel efficiency and consideration for the environment high on their list of priorities.

Audi have designed a plug -in hybrid that suppresses fuel consumption and CO2 output through a combination of electric-only driving, and intelligent predictive drive management to ensure harmonious interaction between the award-winning 2.0 TFSI petrol engine and 105kW electric motor. With a top speed of 155.3mph, it achieves 0 to 62mph in 6.2 seconds. In electric mode, acceleration is 0 to 37mph in 5.5 seconds.

Driving that produces zero local emissions is the most desirable kind, and with the A6 TFSI e you can make all your daily journeys electrically. This is a vehicle for commuters and long-distance drivers alike. Simply choose between three drive modes: “EV” for all-electric driving, “Hybrid” for efficient combination of both drive types and “Hold” to conserve electrical energy.

The specification includes quattro all-wheel drive with ultra technology, an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and 7-speed S tronic transmission.

With a total system output of 220 kW, the Audi A6 50 TFSI e quattro delivers a confident performance with agility. For more power, consider the Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro version which boasts 270 kW total output.

The 270 kW Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro S line package features black exterior mirror housings and privacy glazing, matrix LED headlights, sport seats, four-zone automatic air conditioning, the Audi virtual cockpit, sport suspension, 19-inch wheels and red brake calipers.

The vehicle’s styling, luxury interior and in-car technology are exactly what you would expect from an Audi executive class saloon. Only this model saves you at the pumps, as well as helping you do your bit to save the planet.

Range - Up to 54km

Charging - Approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge using the mode 3 cable to 7.4 kW.​



Use it in Hybrid mode, and it will cleverly combine petrol and electric power using Audi’s latest ‘predictive efficiency’ software which calculates the most efficient way to use the available petrol and electricity, getting you to your destination as cheaply as possible.

Audi A6 50 Saloon TFSI e quattro S tronic (220 kW)

  • Engine type: Inline 4-cylinder engine
  • Max. power output in kW (hp) / at rpm: 185 (252) / 5000 - 6000
  • Max. torque in Nm (lb-ft) / at rpm: 370 (272.9) / 1600 - 4500
  • Top speed in km/h (mph): 250 (155.3)
  • Acceleration, 0-100 km/h (0-62.1 mph) in sec: 6.2
  • Combined electrical consumption in kWh/100 km: 17.7 - 16.6
  • Combined fuel consumption in l/100km: 2.0 - 1.7
  • Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 46 – 39
  • Luggage capacity: 360 litre
  • For more power, consider the Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro (270 kW):

  • combined fuel consumption in l/100 km*: 2.1–1.9
  • combined energy consumption in kWh/100 km*17.9–17.4
  • combined CO2 emissions in g/km*: 47–43 
  • total system output of 270 kW (367 PS)

  • What is a plug-in hybrid?

    Plug-in hybrids combine a conventional internal combustion engine (IC engine) and an electric motor supplied with energy from a lithium-ion battery located at the rear. Audi’s smart powertrain management system controls the interaction of the electric motor and the IC engine. It decides when the car will operate in fully electric mode, when energy is recuperated, and when to coast or activate the IC.


    The battery can be charged at a charging station or power outlet.

    Audi offers various solutions for charging at home. The standard mobile charging system can be used with either a 230-volt household outlet or a 400 volt three-phase outlet. The optional “connect” charging system doubles the charging power to as much as 22 kW. Combined with a home energy management system, it offers intelligent functions such as charging when electricity is less expensive or with solar electricity if the home is equipped with a photovoltaic system. You can control all charging processes as well as pre-heating/pre-cooling via your smartphone with the myAudi app.

    The electric driving experience 

    The electric driving experience is a quiet, smooth glide. Audi’s powerful electric motor ensures fully electric operation across a large speed range in diverse driving situations. 

    All the benefits of a quattro

    Audi has been driving quattro technology forward for 35 years. It is often said that once you drive a quattro you’ll never want to drive anything else. The quattro’s cutting-edge technology offers dynamism and safety, as well as luxurious driving pleasure. 
    Audi has celebrated numerous motor sport triumphs with quattro technology, but you don’t need to be a world class rallycross driver to get the most out of this efficient hybrid quattro.

    EV grant

    The Audi A6 TFSI e quattro may qualify for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) that provides up to £350 off the cost of a home wallbox. 
    Full details: GOV.UK https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/government-grants-for-low-emission-vehicles
    Scottish incentive (£300 additional funding towards a home wall box)
    For addresses in Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust is currently offering up to £300 further funding, on top of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. 
    Full details: Energy Savings Trust website https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/grants-loans/domestic-charge-point-funding
    Road Tax (VED) savings
    Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (less than 51g/km of CO₂) are currently exempt from paying VED (in the 20/21 tax year).
    Full details: GOV.UK https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables

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