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The Audi e-tron GT Range

At Marshall Audi in Bexley, Canterbury, Coulsdon, Exeter, Maidstone, Newbury, Oxford, Plymouth, South East London (Beckenham), Taunton, Tunbridge Wells & Wimbledon.

Test drive any new e-tron GT and place your order at Marshall Audi. As an authorised Audi representative, we bring you every current vehicle from the manufacturer.

Forget roaring engines and ear-splitting exhausts. The e-tron GT's performance is a silent symphony of power. Floor the pedal and experience instant, mind-bending acceleration, pinning you to your seat with up to 637 horsepower (depending on the model). This isn't just electric; it's electrifying. But the thrill doesn't come at the expense of handling.

The quattro all-wheel drive and low center of gravity provide exceptional grip and composure, whether you're carving corners on a mountain road or cruising effortlessly on the highway. The adaptive air suspension seamlessly adapts to your driving style and road conditions, offering a smooth and comfortable ride even when pushing the limits.

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