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The future, now.
Audi City Wimbledon, the UK's first Audi 'City' store is now open.

A new Audi retail concept operated by the Marshall Group that embraces the future as fully as the cars it will showcase is now open. One of a kind in the UK, the Audi ‘City’ store will combine the benefits of innovative digitised retail with the time-honoured advantages of traditional Audi Centres more effectively than ever before.

Audi City Wimbledon has been created to respond to increasing demand from Audi customers for personalisation of their chosen model, and for the opportunity to explore the options open to them as fully as possible during their dealership visit. Audi has expanded its product range substantially over the last few years, and with all the colours, equipment options and functions that are available there are now several hundred million possible model permutations to choose from.Any one of these variations can be configured at Audi City Wimbledon.

Visitors will be able to use virtual reality technology to customise their dream Audi, then experience it on one of the store’s four 3D configurators, or see it displayed on a tablet in HD quality.They will also be free to acquaint themselves with some of the latest Audi models on display ‘in the metal’, and to seek advice from specialist Audi staff who will act as the primary point of contact for all services, from explanation of the latest Audi technologies to car purchase coordination and aftersales support.

“We wanted to push forward with a more modern retail environment in London,” explained Wimbledon Audi’s Head of Business Andy Gull.  “We want to get our facilities closer to our customers, in High Street locations as well as out-of-town environments, and make it easier for them to visit.Audi City Wimbledon is just a stone’s throw from major rail links and other public transport services.By using new technology to bring our model range to the fingertips of Audi fans and customers alike, we believe we can offer a more engaging and fun experience.”

All visitors will be welcome at Audi City Wimbledon, regardless of whether they simply come out of sheer curiosity, or to discover the Audi latest technologies and services, or to configure their own individual model with a view to placing an order. There will never be any pressure to buy.

Those guests who do visit specifically with the intention to purchase will be able to make use of Customer Private Lounges – comfortable consultation suites in the style of an exclusive studio which are equipped with their own virtual reality headsets – where they can digitally create their individual dream car and personalise it further using actual fabric, leather and paint samples, each with their own QR code. When they are absolutely happy with their chosen configuration they can then place a direct order with Audi with the help of an expert consultant who will guide them through the process. The Audi expert will continue to provide assistance even after the sale,organising, for instance, Collect & Return services.

Alternatively, customers can save their configuration on their smart phone with a QR code. Then they can work on it at home, or during a subsequent visit to Audi City Wimbledon by reloading it on to the configurator.​

Audi City Wimbledon
50 Kingston Road
Greater London
SW19 1JZ

0203 811 0291​​