Engine Compartment Tips

Pro-long the life of your BMW engine

  • Engine oil - to check your engine oil levels effectively make sure that the following procedures are adopted:

- Ensure that you are parked on a horizontal surface. - Ensure that the engine is switched off and left to cool for five minutes. - Remove the dipstick from the engine and wipe clean with a non-linting cloth. - Carefully push the dipstick back into its tube and then remove again. - Assess to see if the level of oil falls between the two specified points on the dipstick. - Never overfill your vehicle with oil past the maximum level, as this will harm the engine. We recommend that you always get your vehicle's oil changes carried out by a BMW Service Authorised Workshop to ensure optimum engine efficiency.

  • Approved engine oils - the quality of the engine oil is a decisive factor for the correct operation and long life of your car's engine. Your BMW Service Authorised Workshop can provide details of the oils approved for your vehicle on request.
  • Coolant - Do not top up the coolant system while the engine is hot, otherwise you may scald yourself on the resultant coolant steam.
  • Brake fluid - brake fluid is hydroscopic, that is to say it absorbs moisture gradually from the air. To ensure that the brake system remains fully operational, we recommend having the brake fluid renewed every two years by a BMW Service Authorised Workshop.

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