Interior and Safety Care

Take care of your BMW

  • Steering wheel adjustment - do not adjust the steering wheel position while the car is in motion, or an accident may result from any unexpected movement.
  • Starting the engine - cars with petrol engines: do not press the accelerator pedal while starting the engine.
  • Starting the engine - cars with diesel engines: movement of the accelerator pedal has no influence on the starting process.
  • Washer fluid - screenwash for the washer fluid is highly flammable. Keep it away from possible ignition sources and store it only in the carefully sealed original containers, out of reach of children. Always comply with instructions.
  • Fuel gauge - add fuel in good time, as certain engine functions are not assured if the fuel level is allowed to fall very low, and damage may occur.
  • Service indicator - the distance remaining to the next service and its date, together with the date that has been entered for a statutory emissions test or vehicle inspection, are displayed briefly when the ignition key is in position 2, or if your vehicle is i-drive equipped you will find service status under Service > Service requirement > Status. The extent of service work required will be read from the car key by your BMW Service Advisor.
  • Interior climate controls - 22ºC has been found to be a pleasant setting. Refer to your vehicle handbook for further instructions on temperature control.

Driving precautions: Please comply with the following instructions, which are intended to ensure that your car achieves its optimum operating life and economy.

  • Engine and final drive - Up to 1300 miles: Drive at varying speeds, but do not exceed the following maximum values:

- Cars with petrol engines: 4500 rph or 100 mph* - Cars with diesel engines: 3500 rph or 90 mph*

* Always comply with applicable speed limits.

  • Tyres - New tyres do not achieve their full road grip immediately, for production reasons. You should therefore drive in a restrained manner for the first 200 miles.
  • Brakes - Brake pads and discs do not achieve a favourable wear and contact pattern until the car has covered about 300 miles, so cautious driving and early application of brakes is advised.
  • Clutch - the clutch needs to be run in for about 300 miles before it will operate with maximum efficiency. Operate the clutch gently while running it in.

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