Accessories Tips

Are you looking to add some accessories to your BMW?

Accessories loan fleet
Are you looking to add some accessories to your BMW? If so contact your BMW Retailer to see if you can have a look at the product already installed in a demonstrator vehicle. The BMW Retailer network can access a range of vehicles that feature some of the more exciting accessories available. This gives you the unique opportunity to try them first.

Alloy wheels
Take special care of alloy wheels during winter by applying BMW Wheel Cleaner Gel. A special cleaning brush with various fittings for the thorough removal of brake dust is available from your BMW Service Department at your dealership. Do NOT use aggressive, acidic, strongly alkaline, abrasive cleaning agents or any high temperature (above 60ºC) steam jets to clean your alloy wheels.

Seasonal products
We offer a range of products from electric cool bags to integrated umbrellas. Please contact your local BMW Retailer for further information.

BMW offers a range of products to increase your safety, from something as small as a fire extinguisher or a neon safety jacket to a reversing camera. All of these products are readily available and can be obtained via your local BMW Retailer.

Baby seats
For your baby or child's safety and comfort on journeys, ensure that your BMW is fitted with an ISOFIX compatible child seat. BMW produces a range of child seats for children whose ages span newborn to 12 years old. Contact your local BMW Retailer, who will be able to fit the child seat for you.

iPod connection
If you have a 2nd generation iPod connector purchased from any BMW Retailer and want to know how to start using it, just follow these steps:

1) Connect your iPod to the vehicle when the ignition is off.
2) Turn the ignition on and press and hold the enter key on the left hand side of your steering wheel for two seconds.
3) Once released the iPod will be connected with the vehicle. This will show on the display screen of your iPod.

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