Driving Style Tips

Take care of your BMW

  • Water on roads - when there is water on the roads, drive through it only to a max. depth of 30 cm, and no faster than walking pace, otherwise the engine, electrical system and transmission may be damaged.
  • Braking - do not rest your foot on the brake pedal while the car is in motion, otherwise even slight continuous pressure on the brake pedal could cause over-heating and brake pad wear.
  • Wet roads - in damp weather or heavy rain it is advisable to apply the brakes gently every few miles. The resulting heat dries the brakes pads and discs. The braking force should then be available immediately if needed.
  • Downhill gradients - never drive with the clutch pedal held down, with the gear lever in neutral or with the engine switched off; engine braking action will not be present.
  • Brake pads - in the interests of your own safety, use only brake pads that BMW has approved for your vehicle model type. BMW is unable to assess the suitability of brake pads it has not approved and cannot therefore guarantee their safety.
  • Loads - avoid overloading the car, as this could cause the tyres' load capacity limit to be exceeded. The tyres could then overheat and sustain internal damage. This could lead to sudden pressure loss.

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