Exterior Care - Cleaning Your BMW 

Hints and tips

Manually cleaning your BMW.

  • Bird lime can corrode your vehicle's paintwork, and should therefore be removed as soon as possible. It can be removed quickly and safely through soaking, using warm water and BMW Car Shampoo. This solution will dissolve the residue without rubbing, and will require only a rinse off with cold water.
  • Some household detergents that are sometimes used to wash your car can actually harm your bodywork, paintwork and glass. BMW Approved Car Care products give you the quality and assurance of a clean that does not damage your car.
  • By washing your car in bright sunlight you may cause unsightly water spotting all over your vehicle resulting from lime scale residue - especially noticeable in darker coloured vehicles. To avoid such a nuisance, make sure that your BMW is rinsed carefully in the shade.
  • Do not wash your vehicle immediately after travelling, as the cold water impacted on the warm wheel components will cause them to contract rapidly and could ultimately cause long-term damage.
  • When polishing your vehicle, avoid leaving unsightly smear marks on your dark coloured trims by protecting them with masking tape whilst you buff the rest of the bodywork.
  • Take note of your surroundings when parking your BMW. Is your vehicle at risk of damage and/or rusting via industrial fallout, corrosive tree deposits, or air with high salt content? As an example, many people park at railway car parks and find that their paintwork has rusted over due to iron filings being sprayed onto their vehicles when passing trains travel through at high speeds. Always take the time to wash your vehicle as frequently as possible if you frequently park in such an area.

If any of these problems have affected your vehicle, or if your paintwork has been damaged in any other way, we offer touch-up sticks in every colour for your convenience. To find out your vehicle's exact colour, refer to your BMW's Vehicle (VIN) Identification Plate under the car bonnet.

Mechanical car wash tips.

  • Make sure that the car wash can safely accommodate your size of vehicle, and that no wheels/tyres/wing mirrors are at risk of damage from the movement of the car wash mechanism.
  • Seek advice from the car wash operator if you are unsure about the risk of damaging any add-on body elements such as spoilers and radio aerials before entering the car wash.
  • Ensure that any coarse impurities such as sand are rinsed off before entering an automatic car wash.
  • If a car wash with brushes is desired, try and find a modern one with softer brushes to avoid any potential scratching.
  • If a steam jet or a high pressure washer is used make sure that it is held sufficiently far away from the car and that a temperature of 60°C is not exceeded, as this can cause substantial surface damage.
  • Vehicles with soft-tops: car washes that operate at high pressure and with jets close to the windows could result in dripping in the interior of the car. Therefore, we suggest that you visit a car wash with textile brushes for added peace of mind.
  • The small amount of wax used in most car washes with the water to reduce friction is harmless, however if you select a wax programme for your soft-top vehicle, this could harm your roof.
  • For models with rain sensors: ALWAYS turn off this feature before entering an automatic car wash.
  • As a general rule, your car will need more frequent cleaning in the winter months as the substantial deposits of dirt and road salt are difficult to remove and can cause damage to your vehicle.

After washing your BMW.

Drive your vehicle briefly after washing and apply the brakes to dry them out. This is necessary to prevent reduced braking capabilities when the brakes are wet, and also to avoid corrosion of the brake discs.

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