Fuel Economy and Emissions 

How to save the pennies

  • Driving style has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Harsh acceleration and excessive speed will significantly reduce the vehicle's fuel efficiency.
  • - Slow down: Reduce your speed - it saves both lives and fuel. When your speed is doubled, your braking distance quadruples.
  • - Be safe: Most modern cars have numerous safety features - use them as appropriate. But remember that although such safety features will assist you, they will not stop accidents from happening. You must act responsibly in order to minimise the risk of accidents (e.g. belt up and take breaks when tired). And remember - it is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone whilst driving.
  • - Drive smoothly. By anticipating and thinking ahead, you can avoid sudden braking and sharp acceleration. Gentle driving will enable you to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by more than 10% in urban areas.
  • In order to minimise fuel consumption and emissions, a car needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Neglecting scheduled servicing will probably cost you more in the long run. Through servicing your vehicle at a BMW Service Authorised Workshop, your vehicle should be running as efficiently as it can be.
  • The correct tyre pressure is imperative for safe and efficient driving. However, it is also related to fuel consumption. Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 8%.


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