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Caravelle 6.1 Introducing the Caravelle 6.1 Starting From £50,336.00

Caravelle 6.1

Supremely equipped. Superbly appointed.

For over 30 years, the beautifully engineered Caravelle has met the high standards of professional passenger transport. Its comfortable interior and state-of-the-art infotainment systems, combined with a versatile driver workplace and low fuel consumption make it the ideal vehicle for you and your customers.

Comfort and flexibility and your passengers.

Comfort is key in the Caravelle with its folding armrests on the driver's seat, clever floor-mounted rail system enabling rear seats for multiple configurations

Lumbar adjustment

The optional electric 12-way seat adjustment includes seat heating (Executive only) for the driver and front passenger seats. Your ideal seating position can be found by adjusting the lumbar support, backrest tilt, seat height, seating surface tilt and length. Three different seat configurations can be saved using the memory function.

Multi-functional table

The multi-function table in the Caravelle 6.1 can be used for business papers, notes and laptops, then swivelled and folded away when not in use. 

Digital cockpit

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is a customisable, full colour digital 10.25" gauge cluster that lets the driver change views to display the most relevant information:

  • Classical view showing the speedometer and rev counter dials in a traditional format
  • Digital view without dials - vehicle speed and key information is displayed in text format
  • Digital view with additional information - as above but with additional vehicle and trip information displayed

The Digital Cockpit comes as standard on Executive trim and is available as an option on SE.




LED lighting 

LED lighting throughout the interior including cargo area comes as standard.

Halogen headlights

Twin halogen headlights deliver excellent energy efficiency and long service life. The LED daytime running lights add style and make you more visible on the road.

LED headlights available as standard on Executive trim.


More comfort, more connectivity

The Caravelle 6.1 makes your journey as comfortable as possible with intelligent mobile online services, next-generation infotainment systems and a redesigned cab environment. The new infotainment systems are fully touchscreen and feature redesigned graphics, as well as an integrated SIM card as standard that offers a range of online functions and services.

Multi-functional leather steering wheel

As well as offering grip and comfort for hours at the wheel, the multi-function leather steering wheel gives you fingertip control of functions including the radio and cruise control.

Heating and air conditioning

The advanced multi-zone climate control lets the driver, front passenger and rear passengers each control the temperature in their area. The comfortable interior temperature is maintained by the system, taking into account the outside temperature, sun intensity and air quality.

Air is filtered to remove allergens such as spores and pollen before being circulated in the cabin, including through roof vents in the rear.

Multi-zone climate control is only standard on Executive trim.

Composition colour

Enjoy music, navigation and smartphone integration with the Composition Colour infotainment system.

  • 6.5" colour touchscreen
  • Two USB type C ports
  • Smartphone integration
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile online services with Volkswagen We Connect, App-Connect and eSIM
  • DAB+ radio
  • Optional Comfort telephone interface including wireless mobile phone charging1

Comes as standard on SE trim.

Discover media

Make the most of the Discover Media's large touchscreen and connectivity to stay informed on the road. The 2D/2.5D navigation comes with European maps displaying a range of useful information such as points of interest and speed limits. To help you avoid congestion, this system even offers you three routes – fast, short and eco-friendly – using live traffic updates.
  • 8" colour touchscreen with proximity sensor
  • Two USB type C ports
  • 32GB media storage
  • Mobile online services with Volkswagen We Connect, App-Connect and eSIM
  • Optional Comfort telephone interface including wireless mobile phone charging1

Comes as standard on Executive trim.

Discover pro

Available as an option. Flick and swipe through intuitive displays using the Discover Pro's integrated touchscreen with gesture and voice control. The dynamic 3D navigation offers you three routes – fast, short and eco-friendly – using live traffic updates to help avoid congestion. European maps are included, displaying a range of useful information such as points of interest and speed limits.

  • 9.2" colour touchscreen with full protective glass overlay
  • Proximity sensor and gesture control
  • Two USB type C ports
  • 64GB media storage
  • Voice control
  • DAB+ radio
  • Optional Comfort telephone interface including wireless mobile phone charging

Volkswagen We Connect

Launching as part of the T6.1 range, We Connect offers drivers a huge range of new features thanks to the increased connectivity of the T6.1. These features include:

  • Emergency call system (eCall)
  • Breakdown call
  • Vehicle health report
  • Driving data
  • Parking position
  • Speed alerts

Constant online connectivity

All-new across the T6.1 range, the integrated SIM card (eSIM) comes as standard with the new infotainment systems. The eSIM opens up a range of online-based functions and services to T6.1 owners.

For example, following an accident, eCall automatically send the vehicle location to an emergency response centre and establishes a voice connection. If the driver doesn't respond, eCall automatically informs the emergency services. Internet connectivity also lets the T6.1 access the new 'We Connect' world of mobile online service (MOS).

A full suite of safety systems

The Caravelle 6.1 features an electromechanical steering system as standard, enabling a range of intelligent driver assistance systems including Crosswind Assist and Lane Assist, which detects road markings to keep the vehicle in its lane. Park Assist simplifies manoeuvring into and out of tight spaces by steering automatically, leaving the driver to operate the pedals.

Driver steering recommendation

Newly launched and standard across the T6.1 range, Driver Steering Recommendation gives the driver suggested inputs to help stabilise the vehicle. The system also intervenes using gentle adjustments if it recognises oversteer when cornering.

Crosswind assist

As part of the Electronic Stabilisation System (ESP), this applies the brakes if the vehicle encounters a strong crosswind. Standard across the T6.1 range, this feature is activated automatically when travelling above 50 mph.

Lane assist

Available as an option, Lane Assist countersteers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane. The system also emits audible and visual warnings via the multi-function display to alert the driver of danger.

Park assist

Standard on Executive 6.1 trim, this useful option aids positioning into parking spaces. When reverse gear is engaged, the vehicle automatically assumes control of the steering. All the driver has to do is operate the clutch, accelerator and brake.

Side protection

Included with Park Assist, Side Protection monitors the vehicle's sides and alerts you using visual and audible warnings if you're getting too close to objects such as other vehicles, pillars, walls or pedestrians. Side Protection uses 12 ultrasound sensors (6 front and 6 rear) to detect objects and create a field of vision around the vehicle.

Adaptive cruise control

Standard on all Caravelle 6.1 trims. Adaptive Cruise Control provides relaxed, safe and stress-free driving and improved safety for other road users. It measures the distance to the vehicle in front and adjusts your speed accordingly. If the vehicle in front accelerates, the Caravelle 6.1 automatically follows at the set distance up to the previously selected speed. This system can bring the vehicle to a complete standstill and then pull away when the vehicle in front has moved (DSG only).

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