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Crafter Dropside Introducing the Crafter Dropside Starting From

Crafter Dropside

Built for business

Whatever you’re building on site, we believe in building partnerships. Working with conversion specialists Ingimex, we’ve designed a versatile VolkswagenCrafter Dropside. We understand you need the flexibility to tackle different jobs. That’s why you can choose from two different wheelbases, three load bed lengths and two cab sizes to best suit your business. With a substantial payload and many specialist features as standard, the VolkswagenCrafter Dropside is built for the job and the journey.


  • One piece, 15mm thick phenolic resin coated birch non-slip deck
  • Recessed, load down lashing rings, tested to 800kg
  • Three-level load lashing bolted assembly with 400kg gantry capacity
  • Seamless aluminium boards, perfect for livery
  • Boards and lock assemblies, tested to a burst load of 1.7t
  • Removable powder-coated rear corner pillars and wire rope tailboard supports to secure loads

Stay safe on the road

The Volkswagen Crafter Dropside comes with a range of driver assistance features to help you stay safe on the road as well as optional extras such as lane assist and cruise control.

Automatic post-collision braking

This state-of-the-art system helps to prevent follow-on collisions. When the airbag sensor detects a collision, the brakes are automatically applied to avoid or lessen the impact of a secondary collision. The hazard and brake lights are illuminated, and the driver can take control at any time.

As standard on all Volkswagen vans.

Electromechanical servotronic steering

Fitted as standard, Electromechanical Servotronic steering provides a speed-sensitive operation with active return. This improves the steering sensation around the mid-point, providing a level of steering precision previously nonexistent in commercial vehicles.

Lane assist

Available as an option, Lane Assist countersteers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane. The system also emits audible and visual warnings via the multi-function display to alert the driver of danger.




Driver alert system

The driver alert system is fitted as standard. It warns the driver with visual and audible warning signals to recommend a break from driving as soon as it registers behaviour that indicates tiredness.

Road sign display (not illustrated)

This optional system detects road signs and informs the driver of any driving restrictions.

Fog lights with integrated static turning light

These lights improve visibility in adverse weather conditions. The headlight on the inside of the curve illuminates the roadside when turning.


Electronic stabilisation programme
Stopping you from under- and over-steering through targeted braking of the individual wheels. Comes as standard.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Stops your wheels from locking, maintaining manoeuvrability. Comes as standard.

Electronic differential lock (EDL)
Distributes the engine torque to the individual wheels to prevent them from slipping.

Traction control system (ASR)
Standard feature preventing wheelspin.

Stay safe and secure

The Crafter Dropside comes packed with features to help you stay safe on the road, with integrated cornering lights, electronic stabilisation and hill assist systems as standard.

Driver airbag

Standard feature giving you the best possible protection in the event of a head-on collision. A side/head airbag is also available as an option.

Seatbelt warning

If seatbelts aren't fastened, the seatbelt warning reminds the driver and the front passenger to fasten their belts with a visual warning when the engine is started, and an audible warning after setting off.

Hill assistant systems

Hill descent assist (not illustrated)
The optional Hill Descent Assist system lets you drive down slopes in a safe, controlled way by adjusting the engine speed and applying the brakes if necessary.

Hill start assist (not illustrated)
Hill Start Assist is fitted as standard and stops your vehicle from rolling back and makes handling easier when starting up on uphill slopes.


Cruise control system

At 19 mph and above, the optional cruise control system maintains the set speed through uphill and downhill inclines.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

The optional tyre pressure monitoring system displays the current pressure for each tyre and warns you if it's not in range.


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