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Crafter Single Cab Introducing the Crafter Single Cab Starting From £38,046.00
Crafter Single Cab

Crafter Single Cab

As versatile as your business

Adapt your Crafter chassis to perfectly suit you – it’s as flexible as your business needs. Whether as a tipper, refrigerated van or a tow truck, Crafter chassis gets your business moving.

Conversion solutions

Developed for everyone. Tailored to you.

Every business has its own unique set of needs from a commercial vehicle. Crafter chassis can meet your most demanding requirements. We work with a wide range of Volkswagen approved converters to turn your Crafter chassis cab into a tailor-made commercial vehicle.

Impressive details, sophisticated design

If you choose a body that needs extra power or cooling equipment, you can have your Crafter chassis fitted with extra electric generators or air conditioning compressors. And if you want to control your bodies with your smartphone, we can fit the chassis with a customer-specific function control unit.

Customised Bodies

Choose from three vehicle lengths and pick either a single or double cab. The ergonomic driver’s cab has space to seat three to seven people. And with its smart storage solutions, you'll always have a comfortable workspace.

Medium wheelbase, single cab. 

This Crafter Chassis is 5,996 mm long and has space for up to three people.

Medium wheelbase, double cab. 

This Crafter Chassis is 5,996 mm long and has space for up to seven people.

Long wheelbase, single cab. 

This Crafter Chassis is 6,846 mm long and has space for up to three people.




Long wheelbase, double cab. 

This Crafter Chassis is 6,846 mm long and has space for up to seven people.

Long wheelbase maxi, single cab.

 This Crafter Chassis is 7,211 mm long and has space for up to three people.


Your second pair of eyes

Crafter chassis cab makes parking easy with its innovative and intelligent parking assistance system. Electromechanical Servotronic steering comes as standard. Optional features include Trailer Assist manoeuvring, Rear Traffic Alert and Steering Assistance.

Automatic post-colision braking

This state-of-the-art system helps to prevent follow-on collisions. When the airbag sensor detects a collision, the brakes are automatically applied to avoid or lessen the impact of a secondary collision. The hazard and brake lights are illuminated, and the driver can take control at any time.

As standard on all Volkswagen vans.​​

Lane assist

Available as an option, Lane Assist countersteers the vehicle if the driver unintentionally drifts from a lane. The system also emits audible and visual warnings via the multi-function display to alert the driver of danger.

Park assist

This optional extra aids positioning into parking spaces. When reverse gear is engaged, the vehicle automatically assumes control of the steering. All the driver has to do is operate the clutch, accelerator and brake.

Trailer assist

Available as an option, Trailer Assist automatically manoeuvers the vehicle if fitted with a trailer during parallel and reverse parking.


Rear traffic alert

Available as an option, Rear Traffic Alert helps by emitting an audible warning when reversing out of a parking space if another vehicle is getting too close. If the driver fails to respond, the system intervenes and applies braking to help avoid a collision.

High beam assist

The optional high-beam assistant automatically dips the headlights for oncoming vehicles or vehicles travelling ahead before they're dazzled. When activated, the system automatically switches on the high-beam headlights when the vehicle is travelling above 37 mph in complete darkness.

Electromechanical servotronic steering

Fitted as standard, Electromechanical Servotronic steering provides a speed-sensitive operation with active return. This improves the steering sensation around the mid-point, providing a level of steering precision previously nonexistent in commercial vehicles. 

Stay safe and secure

Crafter chassis cab comes packed with features to help you stay safe on the road, with integrated cornering lights, electronic stabilisation and hill assist systems as standard.

Driver airbag

Standard feature giving you the best possible protection in the event of a head-on collision. A side/head airbag is also available as an option.

Seatbelt warning

If seatbelts aren't fastened, the seatbelt warning reminds the driver and the front passenger to fasten their belts with a visual warning when the engine is started, and an audible warning after setting off.

Driver alert system

The driver alert system is fitted as standard. It warns the driver with visual and audible warning signals to recommend a break from driving as soon as it registers behaviour that indicates tiredness.

Road sign display (not illustrated)

This optional system detects road signs and informs the driver of any driving restrictions.​

Hill assist systems

Hill descent assist (not illustrated)

The optional Hill Descent Assist system lets you drive down slopes in a safe, controlled way by adjusting the engine speed and applying the brakes if necessary.

Hill start assist (not illustrated)

Hill Start Assist is fitted as standard and stops your vehicle from rolling back and makes handling easier when starting up on uphill slopes.

Cruise control system

At 19 mph and above, the optional cruise control system maintains the set speed through uphill and downhill inclines.

Fog lights with integrated static turning light

These lights improve visibility in adverse weather conditions. The headlight on the inside of the curve illuminates the roadside when turning.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

The optional tyre pressure monitoring system displays the current pressure for each tyre and warns you if it's not in range.

Electronic stabilisation programme
Stopping you from under- and over-steering through targeted braking of the individual wheels. Comes as standard.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Stops your wheels from locking, maintaining manoeuvrability. Comes as standard.

Electronic differential lock (EDL)
Distributes the engine torque to the individual wheels to prevent them from slipping.

Traction control system (ASR)
Standard feature preventing wheelspin.

Your comfortable workspace

The optional ergoComfort suspension seat, smart storage options and range of added extras make the generous driver’s cab a comfortable workspace for frequent drivers.

Extensive seating options

Choose from five different seating options for the driver and passengers in the Crafter chassis cab.

Starting with the basic seat with backrest and length adjustment, the optional comfort seat adds height and seat depth adjustment, an armrest (on the inner side) and 2-way lumbar support.

The comfort seat plus also includes a second armrest and 4-way electrical lumbar support.

And the optional ergoComfort suspension seat and ergoActive suspension seat with heater and massage function complete the lineup.

Ergo suspension seat

Hard work deserves a comfortable ride. The optional ergoComfort suspension seat cushions any bumps and jolts in the road, has a 20-point adjustment system for custom comfort, and can even be fitted with heaters and a massage function.

Air conditioning and heating systems

With its optional and easy to control air conditioning system you can enjoy a comfortable climate with just the push of a button. It can even cool the glove compartment so you always have a cold drink on hot days. And in the colder months, the optional programmable auxiliary heater keeps you warm inside with clear, de-iced windows.


Storage compartments

Crafter’s outstanding comfort features and sophisticated storage concept set new standards in the large van class. But it also takes things one step further with equipment for special requirements.

  • Practical open storage compartment, divided into three sections
  • Sturdy cup holder
  • Largest glove compartment in its class
  • Special compartment for a folding rule with room for all kinds of tools
  • Compartments in the doors for drink bottles (1.5 l), files and more
  • Two optional compartments in the roof shelf with plenty of storage space

Ports and connections

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase 'mobile workplace': fitted with a hands-free system, USB port and numerous plug sockets for charging mobile devices and power tool batteries, Crafter keeps you in business when you’re on the road.

  • Optional keypad for special bodies
  • Up to four 12 V sockets
  • Optional 230 V socket (300 W) for charging tool batteries and laptops (not shown)


Drive systems to help you on your way

Crafter chassis cab is the only vehicle in its class available with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Combine this with three drive systems: front-wheel, rear-wheel and 4MOTION all-wheel drive. Enjoy a comfortable drive, even in congested city traffic.

Front-wheel drive

Crafter can handle a lot, thanks to its transverse-mounted engine. The Crafter with front-wheel drive has the greatest loading height and the largest loading volume in its class.

  • 100 mm lower loading sill and entry height
  • Largest payload
  • Transversely-mounted front engine

Rear-wheel drive

Where others reach their limits, it just keeps on going: the rear-wheel drive handles heavy trailer loads with the best traction, even when fully loaded.

  • High towing capacity up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Gross combined weight up to 8.0 tonnes
  • Maximum payload
  • Best traction with high loads
  • Longitudinally-mounted front engine

4MOTION all-wheel drive

Extremely tough, whether you're on muddy construction sites, dirt tracks through the forest or extreme inclines. The Crafter with 4MOTION all-wheel drive gives you brilliant performance on any terrain with reliable traction and the best directional stability.

  • Reliable traction
  • Best directional stability
  • Available ex works
  • Transversely-mounted front engine



TDI engines

The powerful new TDI engines are designed specifically for commercial vehicles. With a long service life, they meet the highest performance requirements. Even with high mileage delivery driving, you can expect efficiency and reliability.

8-speed automatic gearbox

Crafter features an optional 8-speed automatic gearbox that can be combined with all three drive systems. Experience a comfortable and efficient drive even if you’re stopping and starting to make deliveries.


Business pack

Load your VolkswagenCrafter chassis cab up with top-of-the-range features at a fraction of the price.

A lot of extras. For just a little extra

You can drive away in an upgraded VolkswagenCrafter chassis cab1 for less thanks to the Business Pack. The discounted pack features air-conditioning, an alarm and an overhead storage compartment in the cab for as little as £1,320 +VAT. That’s a saving of up to £845 for you and your business.2 So, your Crafter chassis cab can be kitted out with some of our most advanced and practical features without costing you the earth.

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