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Grand California accessories

Add space, protection or technology to your Volkswagen Grand California.

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Bicycle holder for towbar - two bikes

Carry two bikes securely. Features lockable fastenings. Maximum load: 60kg. Weight of bicycle holder is 14kg. Can only be used in conjunction with towing hitch Maximum bicycle wheelbase is 125cm.

Also available: Bicycle holder for towbar - three bikes

Carry three bikes securely. Features lockable fastenings. Weight of bicycle holder is 16kg. Maximum load: 54kg.

Premium carpet mat set  

Luxury carpet tailor-made mat set with a pile weight of PA 2.050g. The set comes with two additional mats (53 x 43cm) for placing just as you enter your vehicle and the other by the shower door.  Grey with a binding Nubuck anthracite finish. Available for both the 600 and 680.

Wind deflectors

These wind deflectors are a great way to get fresh air into your Grand California, preventingwind and rain blowing in your face when you lower the window while on the move. They also help keep the sun out of your eyes.