Audi Engine Flush and Fuel Treatments

Recommended every year

Roadside emission legislation allows random testing on any vehicle and if found to have excess CO2 emission levels, a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued. Emissions testing are also an increasingly stringent part of the annual MOT.

Our Service Plus is a two part Fuel System Service and Engine Oil Decontamination Service. The Engine Oil Decontamination Service works by clearing any sludge and contaminants from the engine's oil ways and sump before the fresh oil is put in. The Fuel System Service is then carried out cleaning the whole fuel system, lowering CO2 emissions, removing harmful contamination and the build-up of varnishes and deposits.

This service also contains an octane booster to improve performance and in most cases also noticeably improves fuel consumption, the Service Plus Fuel System & Engine Decontamination Service is particularly popular when done prior to the annual MOT test.