Audi Manufacturer Servicing

Our dedicated Marshall Service teams are on hand to help with all of your motoring needs. From manufacturer servicing to Marshall fixed price servicing, when it comes to looking after your Audi, you can count on us to deliver expert, cost-effective, complete aftercare.

Servicing your Audi gives you peace of mind that your Audi is operating safely and at peak performance. This helps maintain your Audi​'s fuel economy, emissions, engine performance, ensure it has safe and reliable handling and helps you to keep up the resale value of your Audi.

How often your Audi is serviced depends on your service intervals and the recommendations of Audi. These intervals will be noted in your service schedule book or Audi handover sheet in your Audi handbook and should have been agreed or explained when you purchased your Audi. If you require any further information on your Audi​'s service intervals, please contact one of our service advisors.

Please remember that if your Audi is still in warranty, we advise that your Audi is booked in for an ​Audi service. This service, which includes service checks, replacements and top ups, will adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule for your Audi and most importantly maintains your Audi​'s warranty.

Affordable, flexible and easy servicing

To keep things running smoothly

The service will:

• Be carried out by Audi trained technicians
• Follow exacting service guidelines issued by Audi
• Use only genuine Audi parts
• Provide you with guaranteed Audiparts for 12 months or 12,000 miles - whichever comes first
• Maintain your Audi service history, using an official service book stamp
• Be tailored specifically to your Audi​'s age, make and mileage
• Be available to book online

If your Audi is out of warranty, we also recommend you follow Audi’s schedules that have been designed for your Audi; conversely we also have a range of fixed price servicing options available for all makes and models.

Choose Marshall Audiand you can expect real expertise, every time.

A Service Plan from Marshall

Make servicing your Audi a less worrying experience by choosing a tailored Service Plan from as little as £11.49 per month.

Servicing your Audi can often been seen as an expensive, worrying and inconvenient experience especially when having to pay for the bill in one lump sum. At Marshall Motor Group that's all taken care of with our flexible Service Plan enabling you to spread the cost of your servicing with manageable fixed price, monthly payments, just like you would any other household bill.

Service Plan Benefits

• 10% Loyalty savings on all mechanical repairs, tyres & labour
• 10% Loyalty savings on all accessories, including fitting
• £30 MOTs for the duration of the policy
• Complimentary wash & vac on all servicing visits
• Complimentary puncture repairs
• Complimentary seasonal checks

Stay on the road with our flexible Service Plan

• If circumstances mean your mileage and servicing schedule changes, the Marshall Service Plan can be adjusted accordingly to meet your Audi's maintenance needs.
• If you decide to sell your Audi, your Service Plan can be transferred along with all the benefits to your new car.