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Audi Q8 Introducing the Audi Q8 Starting From £64,810.00

Audi Q8

Welcome To The 8th Dimension.
The New Audi Q8 – Now Available At Marshall Audi.

Meet the new Audi Q8. A new breed of luxury SUV. With it’s powerful size, coupé-like shape and sharp lines – the new Audi Q8 is truly unmistakable.

Audi Q8, Exterior, Driving in the Snow

The new Audi Q8 features a coupé-style sloping roofline and spoiler which gives the Q8 a dynamic, agile stance. The car has a striking side profile: its wheels are close to each corner with short overhangs at the front and rear, giving it an elongated wheelbase. The huge doors with frameless windows add to the car’s stature and safety, while ensuring the interior is filled with light.

The rear wheels are hugged by quattro blisters, reminiscent of the original Audi quattro, and giving the SUV a slightly wider rear, adding to its confident poise.

Audi Q8, Exterior, Driving along a Road
Audi Q8, Interior, Front
Audi Q8, Exterior, Driving through a River


The standard-fit HD (higher definition) matrix LED headlights have nine million lighting combinations, which produce a clearer, brighter beam than standard LED matrix headlights (five mllion combinations) while using less energy.

The elongated rear light, first seen on the new A8, emphasises the width of the Audi Q8, giving it a futuristic look. And impressively, with all of the lights lit up, the car uses less energy than is used by a single light on the previous model Audi A8.

Vision, access and headroom

The interior is brighter and offers a clear view out with fewer restrictions enhancing both the driver and passenger experience featuring deep rear windows. Accessing the front and rear of the Audi Q8 is no problem, even for the tallest people with comfortable head and leg room in both front and rear.​

Audi AI (Audi Intelligence), connectivity and infotainment

The Q8 comes with the same class-leading assistance and parking systems found on the Audi A7 and A8 models. The Audi Q8 also comes with the same high-quality Revo system found on the A7 and A8, which lets the driver manage the operation of the car systems, navigation and infotainment through two screens:

• An upper 10.1-inch full HD screen

• A lower 8.6-inch screen full HD screen

The system includes haptic and acoustic feedback. The shortcuts on the screen can be changed or moved around, so those most often used can be suitably placed for easy access. Alternatively, simply write instructions directly on the screen with your finger; the system will quickly learn how to read your handwriting.​

Push to talk

The Audi Q8 can make life even simpler for the driver with its ‘Push to talk’ button. Press the button and tell the car what you want. If you tell it you are too hot or cold, it’ll ask you what temperature you would like and then adjust it.

Push to talk uses natural speech – it will recognise the driver’s voice after a couple of goes and then distinguish it from any other noises or voices in or outside the car, making it one of the most reliable voice control systems on the market.

If you say a word it does not understand, it will search for it on Google, find the meaning, and then add it to its lexicon. 


The Audi Q8 comes with a highly efficient drive system thanks to the new hybrid technology (MHEV), which integrates a lithium-ion battery and a belt alternator starter (BAS) into a 48-volt primary electrical system.

The rechargeable battery is located under the luggage compartment floor and stores 10 Ah of electrical capacity. This enables the SUV to coast between 34mph and 99mph with the engine switched off. The BAS restarts the engine quickly and seamlessly.

During deceleration, the BAS can recover up to 12kW of energy. The start-stop range starts as low as 13mph, and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.7 litres per 100km.​

The new Audi Q8 really does speaks for itself. You could say the new Audi Q8 has it all. And, now that it’s available to order, the only thing that’s missing is you. Click here to enquire

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