Audi quattro

Grip on every surface.

Delivering an unrestricted driving experience, despite the elements; this is the philosophy behind Audi’s cutting-edge quattro technology.

History of quattro

Derived from Motorsport engineering, Audi’s innovative torque-distributing solution was originally launched in 1980 and has been bringing unrivalled safety, sport, power and enjoyment to drivers ever since.

Over 5 million Audi vehicles featuring quattro have been sold across the globe; with the technology now available across all of the brand’s current models, complete driving confidence has never been so accessible. 

​Types of quattro

Four different variants of quattro ensure that the technology is a perfect fit, throughout the Audi range. 

Hydraulic multi-plate clutch

Hydraulic multi-plate clutch is utilized in those with an engine mounted across the chassis (A1, A3, Q3 and TT); with a front wheel bias in normal driving conditions, traction is constantly assessed, with power then sent to the rear wheels for stability as required. 

​Self-locking centre differential

A self-locking centre differential is present across the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5 and Q7 range; a 50/50 power bias equally distributes torque between the front and rear wheels, with up to 100% of power assigned to where it’s needed most. 

R8 quattro all-wheel drive

R8 quattro all-wheel drive is specifically designed to suit the needs of the R8’s unique mid-engine; the majority of torque is sent to the front wheels, but 100% of this force can be sent to the rear when necessary. 

quattro on-demand

Last but far from least, there’s quattro on-demand; present in the A4 Allroad quattro, ground conditions are constantly analysed to send power between all-wheel and front-wheel drive, ensuring that you benefit from all that quattro technology has to offer – but only when you need it. This results in significantly reduced fuel and CO2 consumption, without compromising on performance.

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