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Electric vehicle drivers say electric is here to stay

An overwhelming majority of motorists who have switched to driving an electric vehicle say they would not switch back to a petrol or diesel car.

Research conducted by the YouTube channel Fully Charged found that 90% of plug-in drivers said they had no desire to return to the traditional combustion engine.

In addition, the survey – which is claimed to be the UK’s biggest ever survey of ‘cleantech enthusiasts’ – found that 57% of those who do not yet own an electric vehicle intended to acquire one by the end of 2020, with 75% planning to purchase a pure Battery Electric Vehicle, rather than a Plug-in Hybrid.

It also emerged that the main issue holding motorists back from buying an EV to date has not been the lack of available options, nor even a lack of charging infrastructure, but the perceived cost of new (33%) and used (14.9%) electric vehicles – even though, due to their lower running costs, they are becoming increasingly competitive in total cost of ownership terms.

“Having experienced how impressive electric cars are, we were not surprised to see so many drivers saying they won’t go back to the combustion engine,” presenter Robert Llewellyn said.“But it might shock those who have yet to switch.Perhaps more surprising was how many of our audience who are yet to buy an EV intend to do so in the next two years.”