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Electric vehicle benefits ‘widely under-estimated’​

Many motorists under-estimate the benefits that electric cars can bring – especially with regard to performance, cost of maintenance and charging, a new survey by Go Ultra Low has found.

For example, around 50% of those polled thought conventionally-powered vehicles accelerate faster than pure electric cars.But in fact, according to Go Ultra Low, in many cases the opposite is true.Similarly, around 25% thought electric cars would cost more to maintain over their lifetime, whereas they can actually cost up to 70% less.

The average estimate for fully charging a pure electric car was £21.54, despite the fact that they can be charged at home for as little as £3.64.More than 25% of the survey participants were not even aware that electric cars can be charged via a charging point installed in the home.

Many also didn’t realise there are around 17,000 charge point connectors in the UK at present.The average estimate was just 6,000.

Most of the 2,000 adults surveyed under-estimated the number of models that are currently available to buy as well – the average was just nine, nearly half the actual number (17), and 42% thought there were fewer than 15,000 pure electric cars on the roads compared to the true figure of around 40,000.

And a significant number – 42% – weren’t sure if electric cars are safe to be put through a car wash.In this regard, they are no different to petrol or diesel vehicles.

“The research shows there is much confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to pure electric cars,” Poppy Welch, the Head of Go Ultra Low,said. “Over half of those surveyed don’t feel confident describing a pure electric car to another person and many aren’t aware of the many benefits electric cars can bring.

“Pure electric car drivers can benefit from lower running costs, convenient charging and high-performance driving, all while producing no tailpipe emissions and helping to improve local air quality. Dispelling these misconceptions and highlighting these perks is vital if we are to see more motorists make the switch to electric motoring.”