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Electric vehicle sales to surge this year

New registrations of pure electric vehicles are forecast by the Drive Electric website to increase by 260% this year to around 98,500 cars.

The factors driving this surge include:

  • Changes to Benefit-in-Kind company car tax.For 12 months from April 2020, there will be no company car tax on pure electric cars.Drive Electric estimates that switching to an EV from a plug-in hybrid could save £4,578 in a year for the employee and employer in BIK, fuel and National Insurance.
  • A general trend away from employee car allowances towards the company car.
  • More new models available to buy.More manufacturers are entering the market, partly because of new EU fleet-wide average emissions targets.
  • Growing awareness about the challenges for local air quality, and climate change in general.
  • The introduction of more Clean Air Zones around the country, which is leading to more organisations thinking about renewing their fleets with electric rather than petrol or diesel vehicles.

Another key factor that Drive Electric believes is responsible for the increasing shift to electric vehicles is that drivers – many of whom may have been sceptical about EVs initially – seem to prefer the driving experience of electric cars and vans to that of their petrol or diesel engine equivalents after experiencing an EV for themselves.