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Why main dealer servicing makes sense for older cars

The vast majority of new car owners choose to have their car serviced and maintained at the dealership they bought it from, but it makes sense for owners of older cars to use main dealer servicing too.

There is often a perception that independent and fast-fit workshops are cheaper than main dealers.But today main dealers rely on their aftersales departments to generate most of their profits – so they simply have to be price competitive.That’s why many brands, including Audi, offer fixed price servicing schemes and service plans for the owners of older cars.

The price of main dealer servicing also often includes a raft of useful support services that independent garages are unable to match, such as a free wash and vacuum, or free collection and delivery.In addition, their customer management systems ensure you are notified when a service is due, or if any safety-related recall work needs to be done, which isn’t always the case with independent garages or High Street chains.

There’s the peace of mind factor to consider as well.Main dealer technicians are the recognized experts in your make of car, and they have the most up-to-date tools and technology to spot potential problems before they become expensive to repair.You can be confident your car has been serviced correctly, and get the latest software updates too.

Finally, when the time comes to change your car you will get a better price for it if it has a full service history from a franchised main dealer using Genuine Parts.And if you are involved in an accident and your car is written off, insurers also typically pay out more for a car with a full main dealer service history.