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Video clips to feature in updated driving theory test

The theory test section of the driving test is about to change. Up to now, candidates have had their knowledge and understanding of the road rules tested by reading and the answering five questions about a particular case study.

From 14 April 2020, they will watch a short video clip and answer three multiple choice questions about it instead.The video will feature a commonplace scenario, such as driving through a town centre, or on a country road.Each question will have four possible answers to choose from.

Candidates will be able to watch the video as many times as they want.So for example they could view the video, answer a question, and then watch it again before answering the next question.

The change is designed to make the theory test more accessible, especially for those with a reading difficulty (such as dyslexia), learning disability or developmental condition (such as autism).

Candidates will still study the same books and software as before to prepare for the theory test.They will still answer 50 multiple-choice questions within 57 minutes, and get 43 correct to pass.

All theory tests will use video from 14 April, including for those who failed their test before 14 April and then retake it afterwards, or if a test is cancelled or moved and the new date is on or after 14 April.

The change applies only to car tests at the moment, not motorcycle, lorry, bus or coach theory tests.