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Marshall Volkswagen Commercial Aftersales Offers

Welcome to our Volkswagen vans aftersales offers page. This is where you can find discounts, price plans and a list of complimentary services that promise to make your next visit an affordable one.

Accidents always happen when you least expect them. For a truly reassuring experience on the road we offer a bespoke servicing plan that covers you against future mishaps. You don’t even have to pay in advance. You can pay on demand or on a monthly basis. Any price you do pay is decided by our National Service pricing. This means you can expect a consistent price across our dealerships. Our Commercial Servicing plans ensures it’s business as usual for you, without any unexpected costs.

Wherever you are in the country, at least one of our six Volkswagen van workshops is never too far away. You can visit six days a week during the winter period to receive a free winter safety check. This ensures your van drives away from the forecourt, well prepared for the long nights and icy roads. We also have price deals on winter tyres and accessories.

All of the work we do meets manufacturer-approved standards. This means an extended warranty on the parts we use and a longer lifespan for your car.

Browse the offers below to see how affordable van maintenance can be. If you find one that appeals, give us call and we’ll arrange your next visit.