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Grants and Benefits

What are the benefits of owning a fully electric Audi?​

• There are lots of benefits of owning an electric Audi, including the environmental impact, cheaper running costs, government grants, road tax savings, exemption from London Congestion and Ultra Low Emission Zones, local EV benefits and much more. Learn more about the benefits below.
• We also recommend that you download the EV&me app, which is free and available on both iOS and Android. This app will help you decide if going electric is right for you, by comparing the running and driving costs of an electric vehicle, introducing the Audi range and offers, providing information about charging, range and benefits, and offering access to useful tools and videos.

Learn more about the benefits​

What are the benefits to Business and Company Car drivers?

• In addition to the benefits listed on owning an electric Audi, there are various business and company car driver benefits from lower BIK, tax breaks, BIK exemption on charging at work and also the workplace charging grants.
• See our whole life cost calculator below to compare your current vehicle with a new Audi, including electric models.

Whole life cost calculator