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Does Your Audi Air Con Need Servicing?

Marshall Service centres always recommend that you have your air-conditioning serviced regularly to ensure that your air-con system is running at maximum efficiency. Many people will use their air con system more in the hotter summer months, but it is also useful in winter as it helps keep your windows demisted by circulating warm, dry air throughout your vehicle, so anytime is ideal time to ensure your air conditioning is in full working order. Our Trained Technicians will drain and refill the unit and carry out a detailed inspection, to ensure your air conditioning performs at its best.


There are two options for your Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning refresh

An air conditioning refresh is an anti-bacterial treatment which will completely cleanse the system, ensuring that you’re breathing fresh air in your vehicle and nothing else. An annually recommended treatment, it is especially beneficial for people with hay fever or asthma.

A full air conditioning service includes a refrigerant recharge and replacement of the lubricating oil as well as a full check of all system components

Full Air Conditioning service and recharge

Around 10% of refrigerant gas can seep out of the air conditioning system each year. If there is insufficient refrigerant charge, not only can your system not operate effectively, but it could potentially lead to internal system damage. An air conditioning service involves recharging the system with gas and lubricant as well as removing all moisture and debris.

A recharged system will reduce your fuel consumption by putting less strain on the engine and keep you cool in summer and demisted in winter.

Reasons to look after your Air Conditioning System all year round

As we move into the summer months, it’s easy to think that you will use your air conditioning system more. However, it is important to ensure the air conditioning system is maintained all year round, as it is also used throughout the winter months too. You may not need to blast the system at full speed, but it will still be used to heat your car, clear your windscreen and provide de-humidified air.

  • Eliminate odours. By cleaning the evaporators this eliminates any build-up of germs and odours which can enter your vehicle which leave an unpleasant smell. With an Air Con refresh your vehicle will smell fresh and clean.
  • Receive a complimentary online video of the inspection, wash and vac. When you visit for an Air Con Service or recharge you will also receive a complimentary online video safety check via our award winning Workshop Window programme. We will also wash and vacuum your car too! 

  • Breathe easy. An Air Con Recharge will help filter pollutants and dirt particles to help you breath fresh air. This is beneficial for anyone that suffers from allergies.
  • Enhance efficiency. Ensure your system is running efficiently with an air con recharge. The system won’t have to work as hard minimising fuel consumption.

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