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Audi Cam

When work is required we won't just tell you, we'll show you

Audi Cam is a new industry-leading service that allows you to watch video clips of your car online, pinpointing any work that needs to be done, with expert commentary from trained Audi technicians.

The new Audi Cam service is the first in the world to enable technicians carrying out workshop inspections to focus hand-held ‘Audi Cams’ on specific problems, to deliver visual and verbal diagnoses and to send the resulting film clips to your home computer or smartphone before any work begins.

The aim is to highlight and clearly explain any problems found, and then propose solutions to those problems allowing you to agree to a fix before it’s carried out.

Online authorisation

When you receive any clips, they will be graded as ‘urgent’, ‘advisory’ or ‘for info’ to give you a clear indication of its severity. It also provides a VAT-inclusive price quotation for each job, along with action buttons that enable authorisation for the Centre to proceed with it at the price quoted, to reject the work or to request a call back to discuss it.

How it works

  1. A free health check is carried out by your Audi trained technician.
  2. Work required will be captured on film for your attention.
  3. We’ll either send an email or text you with a link to the film.
  4. The technician then will explain to you the work that we recommend needs doing.
  5. If you want to proceed, you can simply, and with confidence, authorise the job there and then.
Audi Cam at Marshall Audi