Fuel saving tips for your Audi

Tips to help you save money on running costs

With petrol prices fluctuating daily and household bills on the rise it is more important than ever to tighten your belt and save money where you can. Money is tight for everyone and small savings here and there can have a big impact.

With this in mind we have come up with some fuel saving tips to help you save money on running costs.

1. Check your tyre pressure

Under inflated tyres can have a big impact on MPG and reduce fuel efficiency. We recommend that you check your tyres once a month using the inflation pressures in the owner’s manual.

2. Only carry what you need

Additional weight in your boot will burn more petrol so de-clutter your car and remove any unnecessary items. This will also help you to reduce your CO2 emissions.

3. Watch your speed

It goes without saying that high revs create high fuel bills but you don’t have to creep along at 10mph to save on petrol costs. Simply accelerate gently and avoid unnecessary braking where possible. If you change up gears earlier you can reduce revs and subsequently reduce fuel consumption.

4. Use air con wisely

On a hot day it’s always tempting to pop the air con on to cool yourself down. However, air conditioning increases fuel consumption at low speeds so consider opening the windows instead.

5. Take it off

Another feature which can increase fuel consumption and result in you paying more at the pumps is roof racks and boxes. Although these accessories can be invaluable in the summer months especially, when you are not using them it is advisable to take them off to reduce drag.