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Get To Know Your Audi

Helpful tips and tutorials to help you maintain and care for your Audi

Whether you have just purchased an Audi or have had one for many years, there are a number of videos available here to make the most of your car and enhance your experience as an Audi driver.

Opening the bonnet

In this short tutorial video, we take a look at how to open and close the bonnet of your Audi safely and with ease.

Checking the wiper blades

Keeping your wiper blades in good condition is vital. Our short video shows you how to check and replace your wiper blades. So no matter which Audi model you own, you'll be prepared for all types of weather.

Maintaining your exterior lighting

Out on the road, visibility matters. So this video gives you a quick look at how to check, maintain and replace exterior bulbs and lights on your Audi.

Changing your wheel

Don't let a puncture slow you down. Follow these handy hints and tips to change a wheel on your Audi quickly and safely.

Checking fluid levels

From topping up screen wash to replacing the coolant, our short video gives you comprehensive instructions on how to maintain your car's fluid levels.

Checking your oil level

A simple guide to checking your Audi’s oil levels, showing you when and how to top up.